L.A. Divided

Sorry for a bit of an absence in my BSB presence, but I was taking some much needed vacation time out of the spotlight.

Anyway, looks like the Lakers may have a new rival in the cross-town Clippers. Finally emerging from the depths and putting together a formidable squad this year, the Clippers obviously have some serious talent on their roster. Last night there was obvious hostility between the two, led by none other than Ron Meta Worldpeace (or whatever his name is now). I still find his name a bit ironic for a person who is a pretty dirty basketball player, someone who answers interview questions with statements about baby teeth, yet changes his name to promote peace among men. Anyway, even Pau Gasol got into it a little last night with Chris Paul, which is flat out bullying if you ask me, even though I think CP3 could actually take him.

Regardless, the Lakers are proving to be a pretty serious squad this year, and Kobe is confirming he still has plenty left in the tank (even surpassing some of Jordan’s numbers in the beginning of 1996). Needless to say, this year’s NBA has some pretty fresh talent and a whole new approach to rivalries.

What are your thoughts on the new NBA balance of power?

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Canucks are a JOKE

I know the Canucks won, but honestly, you have to feel bad for them. Vancouver is just so pathetic. Looking back to last year, I don’t think there was one team in the NHL that wanted the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. The only city that did, Vancouver, showed how well they could hold it together after losing as they tore their own city to shreds.

You would think after that the team would want to show they’ve grown as they come back into Boston to face the team that stole the Cup from them, but nope. First, Luongo “handed over” the game to Schneider for sentimental reasons. Yeah right, because when it comes to intense and bitter rivalries, hockey players are always sentimental. I’m calling the bluff, along with everyone else. Robby was scared and wimped out of playing in Boston. Moving along to the game, how did the fact that Thornton got jumped by six Canucks not get discussed more? Granted he egged one of them on, all six proceeded to clobber him. Then after jumping to his defense, we end up on the bad end of a 5 on 3 power play. Ridiculous, but expected out of a team like Vancouver. Then to top it off, Thornton called out Weise after the two exchanged words in the box, and Weise completely backed down like a coward, without hesitation. Speaking to a Canadian reporter he stated, “But at the end of the day, that’s not really the type of guy I want to fight.” That’s the only thing I’ll give Weise credit for, knowing Thornton would have pounded his face in, deservingly so. But to sum it all up, the Canucks just proved how much of a joke they are and how clearly the better, more deserving team won the game that mattered in June, not in January.

Weekend College Round Up

Previously unbeaten Xavier lost their first game Sunday against Oral RobertsWait, What? Oh yeah, 3 of their best players are suspended because of their brawl against Cincinnati last week (in case you somehow missed it) so they lost against a team with “Oral” in their name…  Since these 3 didn’t play, I don’t see Xavier dropping far below their previous rank of #9, just as Ohio State remained near the top even though they lost a game last week when they didn’t have Sullinger, who got hurt again on Saturday.  In my opinion he is the most dominant player in college right now, when he is healthy that is.  I hope they drop below UConn who should climb a little bit higher with another win on Sunday.

On Saturday night, Syracuse almost felt the curse of the #1 but somehow held on against North Carolina State, which would have been a huge upset once again.   #19 Illinois lost but I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay in the top 25 since it is their first loss, even though they have not played anyone that tough.  #21 Alabama and #25 Vanderbilt both lost, which will most likely move both of them out of the top 25 come Monday morning.  Every other team that played and should have won, did win.  Unfortunately, that includes the Tar Heels.

B’s Focused

Heading into tonight’s matchup against the Sabres, the only thing that the Bruins are concerned about is stretching their win streak to 10 games and claiming first place in the Northeast Division. The Sabres may have something else in mind. Retaliation. At least that’s what the media is building it up to be, and it could end up helping the B’s. The hit that Lucic put on Miller only eleven days ago is still fresh in everyone’s mind. A controversial hit like that always leads to this sort of hype before the next time the teams meet, but the Bruins are focused on the greater goal at hand. “It’s not like you can just go out there and be stupid,” Ference said Monday. “We were in a similar situation obviously with the Cooke thing. If they want to get goofy then that’s fine. Our team is well equipped for different kinds of games.” The Bruins are ready to play hockey, whether that means reacting to Buffalo vengeance or not. If the Sabres go head hunting tonight, you can bet the house that the B’s will be ready.

Bruins Streaking

For anyone that didn’t notice because there was some other game on, the Bruins beat the Canadiens Monday night 1-0.  Defenseman Andrew Ference scored the lone goal on Carey Price, although he only saw 18 shots come his way.  Tim Thomas on the other hand saw 33 and stopped them all.  Pretty odd game seeing as there were only 10 minutes worth of penalties compared to the usual amount of about 40 plus a few fights.  There was only one stand out fight and that was when Canadiens fans jumped a Bruins fan and beat the hell out of him.  We should give these guys a free pass to the Garden next game so we can return the favor.

Check out the video here: Bruins/Canadiens Fight

The Looch Crew

This whole Lucic thing from the other night is killin’ me. I follow hockey and am a huge Bruins fan, but basketball is definitely my “go-to” winter sport. So stop me if I’m wrong, but don’t hockey players pride themselves in how much tougher they are than any other athlete? Although not how I’d state it, I definitely do respect hockey players for that aspect of the game. That being said, how can Ryan Miller come out and complain about a hit that resulted in a minor penalty. Did he think he could come about 20 feet out of the net to try and stop a Lucic breakaway without suffering the consequences? I love the mentality of playing tough and physical in any sport if you want to win. Since Miller came well out of his crease to play the puck like a defender, he’s going to get treated like a defender, especially with the Looch coming at you. Anyways, Lucic has a hearing with the NHL today at 1pm to determine if they’ll be any consequences for the hit. With the NFL implementing all these new hitting rules, I’ll be disappointed in the NHL as well if they make a big deal out of this. Never more fitting than in this situation…It’s just part of the game. NO EASY BUCKETS!