Should We Worry?

Overall, the Boston Celtics are 12-11. They are right in the middle, sitting in 15th place overall out of 30 teams. This is not the Celtic’s team that we have come to know and love. Kevin GarnettThe season is just over 1/3rd of the way over, and we are not getting any better. The C’s, who are usually one of the better defensive teams, are allowing 97.9 PPG. This stat isn’t as bad as some, except for one fact:  We aren’t scoring. We are only averaging 97.4 PPG. I’m no math wiz, but I’d say those numbers are going to have to improve if we want any chance to beat the big teams of the East this season (New York, Miami, Atlanta).

We don’t have an easy schedule coming up either. We play the Bulls in Chicago on Tuesday, then come back home to play the Cav’s and Buck’s, both of which have shown that they can put up serious points. Then we take on the Net’s on Christmas, and the Clippers two days after that. Sitting just one game above .500, the C’s need to find a way to get some W’s.

The only consistMiami Heat v Boston Celtics - Game Fourent scorer this season has been Captain Paul Pierce, who is averaging 19.7 PPG. Rondo is scoring lower and lower each game, but if he can keep getting 12-15 assists per game, they should be okay. Garnett is shooting around 50% lately, but doesn’t play enough minutes to put up any serious numbers. Meanwhile, Jason Terry has been big off the bench, but still has not found his stroke on the 3-pointers, something we have been lacking since Ray Ray took his talents to South Beach.

C’s Weekend Recap

The Celtics dropped two games this weekend, both against quality teams, and the games imagescat1wg6eweren’t that close. On Friday night, The C’s lost to the Rocket’s 101-89 behind Harden’s 21 points and bench player Greg Smith’s 20 points.  Paul Pierce played 41 minutes and was able to contribute 18 points, 7 rebounds, while everyone else seemed rather flat. Garnett put in 14, Rondo put in 15 and added 13 assists, but we were out played badly.

On Saturday night, they Green and White took on one of the best teams in the league, the San Antonio Spurs. For the first half, it looked like this would be a game. That ended about halfway through the third quarter. Garnett only put in 13, Rondo had 6 points, and failed to reach double digit assists with 9. Sullinger had a team Boston Celtics at San Antonio Spurshigh 7 rebounds off the bench, and Jason Terry had a huge first half and managed to score 18 points total, even though he slowed down significantly in the second half. Parker put in 22 for the Spurs while Gary Neal was able to score 20, as the Spurs improved to 19-6.

Bruins Streaking

For anyone that didn’t notice because there was some other game on, the Bruins beat the Canadiens Monday night 1-0.  Defenseman Andrew Ference scored the lone goal on Carey Price, although he only saw 18 shots come his way.  Tim Thomas on the other hand saw 33 and stopped them all.  Pretty odd game seeing as there were only 10 minutes worth of penalties compared to the usual amount of about 40 plus a few fights.  There was only one stand out fight and that was when Canadiens fans jumped a Bruins fan and beat the hell out of him.  We should give these guys a free pass to the Garden next game so we can return the favor.

Check out the video here: Bruins/Canadiens Fight

Take a Knee

Tebowing – (verb) To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Tebow may have the most unorthodox way of conducting an offense, but he gets the job done. Passer ratings and personal statistics aside, the guy knows how to win. Last night he improved to 4-1 as a starter in the NFL and took down a top contender in the AFC East. (I used that term for emphasis because let’s be serious, the Jets are by no means a top contender.) Either way, how can anyone hate this guy? If anything he had to have gained some love from Pats fans, right? Sure he might seem a bit soft for a starting NFL quarterback and former college football stud, but he’s grown on me over the past few weeks and last night definitely helped his cause.


B’s Back on Track – Thanks Tyler

A bottle of blue Gatorade and some Advil on the nightstand was all it took, as the B’s quickly cured their Cup hangover and are again thirsty for victory. The young Tyler Seguin has stepped up his play immensely this season, leading the team in both overall points and goals while claiming the NHL’s first Star of the Week today. Last season he ended the year with 11 goals and 11 assists. Not bad for a Rookie who also contributed to bringing home Lord Stanley’s most prized possession. This year, only 15 games in, he has already racked up 11 goals and 9 assists for 20 points, 1 figure more than his age. Begs the question: What am I doing with my life?

Sox Bring Home the Gold

With all the negativity surrounding the Red Sox in the past few weeks, or months for that matter, some good news has shown through. For the first time since 1979, three Red Sox players earned the right to boast Gold Gloves. Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, and Adrian Gonzalez won the coveted prizes earlier this evening. Granted these awards come across almost as frequently as my truck breaks down (AAA on speed dial) and by no means shadow the events that occurred throughout September, it gives us a little something to hold on to during the off-season.

Rawlings Gold Glove Award