B’s Jet Lagged

Well it was a good run. After getting points in 15 straight games throughout the month of November and into early December, the Bruins finally met their match. The Jets. Aggravating when you think about it, but look at it this way. The pressure’s off now. We all knew the streak couldn’t last forever. We only lost 2-1, a close game and we didn’t have Seguin. Earlier in the day he had missed a team breakfast, presumably unintentionally, but still had to suffer the consequences. “Honest mistake,” Chiarelli said. “But we have team rules. He has to abide by them.” Regardless, the B’s can now feel a bit more relaxed without the bright spotlight of keeping the point streak alive. I expect them to have another strong month to cap off the year.

B’s Focused

Heading into tonight’s matchup against the Sabres, the only thing that the Bruins are concerned about is stretching their win streak to 10 games and claiming first place in the Northeast Division. The Sabres may have something else in mind. Retaliation. At least that’s what the media is building it up to be, and it could end up helping the B’s. The hit that Lucic put on Miller only eleven days ago is still fresh in everyone’s mind. A controversial hit like that always leads to this sort of hype before the next time the teams meet, but the Bruins are focused on the greater goal at hand. “It’s not like you can just go out there and be stupid,” Ference said Monday. “We were in a similar situation obviously with the Cooke thing. If they want to get goofy then that’s fine. Our team is well equipped for different kinds of games.” The Bruins are ready to play hockey, whether that means reacting to Buffalo vengeance or not. If the Sabres go head hunting tonight, you can bet the house that the B’s will be ready.

Bruins Streaking

For anyone that didn’t notice because there was some other game on, the Bruins beat the Canadiens Monday night 1-0.  Defenseman Andrew Ference scored the lone goal on Carey Price, although he only saw 18 shots come his way.  Tim Thomas on the other hand saw 33 and stopped them all.  Pretty odd game seeing as there were only 10 minutes worth of penalties compared to the usual amount of about 40 plus a few fights.  There was only one stand out fight and that was when Canadiens fans jumped a Bruins fan and beat the hell out of him.  We should give these guys a free pass to the Garden next game so we can return the favor.

Check out the video here: Bruins/Canadiens Fight

The Bear Hunt

Now it’s only natural for teams across the league to be gunning for the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, but after a 3-7 start you can assume that desire began to dwindle. The B’s were looking more like the Nets of the NHL than a team eager to defend their title. As of late, things have begun to turn around. November has been a solid month so far for the reigning Stanley Cup champions (much better than for the NBA). The Bruins knocked off the New Jersey Devils last night to improve their November winning streak to six games. Back on the successful track, you can put money on the fact that the flame to take down the champs has once again been fully ignited. Aside from the win streak, the B’s have been physically dominating teams, incurring a few controversial headlines (cough Lucic) along the way. You best believe that teams are itching to get their shot at the Bruin’s now, especially come November 23rd when the B’s step on the ice in Buffalo.