The Bear Hunt

Now it’s only natural for teams across the league to be gunning for the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, but after a 3-7 start you can assume that desire began to dwindle. The B’s were looking more like the Nets of the NHL than a team eager to defend their title. As of late, things have begun to turn around. November has been a solid month so far for the reigning Stanley Cup champions (much better than for the NBA). The Bruins knocked off the New Jersey Devils last night to improve their November winning streak to six games. Back on the successful track, you can put money on the fact that the flame to take down the champs has once again been fully ignited. Aside from the win streak, the B’s have been physically dominating teams, incurring a few controversial headlines (cough Lucic) along the way. You best believe that teams are itching to get their shot at the Bruin’s now, especially come November 23rd when the B’s step on the ice in Buffalo.


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