Funny GIFs of 2012


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A little late but these are some of the best sports GIFs of 2012. Enjoy! Similar Posts You’ll Enjoy

Hump Day Humps in Sports


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This week seems to be crawling by. Here’s a little distraction to help you guys get through the day. What’s better on Hump Day than a few sports related humps? Happy Hump Day! Similar Posts You’ll Enjoy

Celtics Player Preview: Courtney Lee

Next up on the list of starters is Courtney Lee. Although he is a great player, it is expected that when Avery Bradley comes back in late December-early January (hopefully), he will take back his role that he beat Ray Allen out for last season. But you can still expect a lot of minutes off the bench for Lee.

Brandon Bass | Courtney Lee

Courtney was recently ranked as the #117 best player in the league (Bradley was 106). Lee is best known for his tenacious defense which should make the duo of him and Rondo tough to beat. He will be a good match up on Dwayne Wade since we will not have Avery to shut him down like he did last season.

At the bottom I have listed his stats for his 4 years in the NBA since he left Western Kentucky. He averages exactly 10 PPG in his career and can score off the dribble. He needs a little bit of practice distributing the ball, but that should be easy considering he is now on a great looking team, not the Houston Rockets. I think he will score in the double digits again this season and will be a go-to defender in big games. Look for him to be a big factor on this team now that Ray Allen is gone.

’08-’09 ORL 77 42 25.2 0.404 0.83 0.2 2.1 2.3 1.2 0.2 1 8.4
’09-’10 NJ 71 66 33.5 0.338 0.869 0.9 2.7 3.5 1.7 0.3 1.3 12.5
’10-’11 HOU 81 1 21.3 0.408 0.792 0.6 2 2.6 1.2 0.2 0.7 8.3
’11-’12 HOU 58 26 30.3 0.401 0.826 0.5 2.3 2.7 1.5 0.4 1.2 11.4

Gambler’s Anonymous

For those of you who love to bet, you’re not alone.  Although I am skeptic to bet on the actual outcome of the Super Bowl (due to superstition and my incredibly bad track record with betting), I thought it would be fun to check out some of the other wagers that are out there.  Here are a select few that your average bookie probably wouldn’t take:

  • How long will it take Kelly Clarkson to sing the National Anthem? (o/u 1:34)
  • Will Kelly Clarkson forget or omit at least one word of the National Anthem? ($10 wins $25)
  • What color will Madonna’s hair be? (anything other than blonde is $10 for $25)
  • Will Madonna be wearing fish net stockings at any time during the half-time show?
  • How many times will Giselle be shown during the game? (o/u .5)
  • How many times will Tyree’s catch be shown during the game? (o/u 1… this is probably the easiest bet ever)

So would you take any of these? Some of them feel like locks.  I’m sure there will be even more absurd ones to come in the next few days.

Weekend Recap

With the Pat’s bringing an abrupt end to Tebowmania, it’s hard to say we had a tough weekend in Boston sports, despite watching the Celts and Bruins fall to their respective opponents. Nobody’s worrying about the Bruins. They’ve established their dominance and continue to hold sole possession of first place in the Northeast Division, one point ahead of a red hot Ottawa team. The Celtics, on the other hand, are a bit more concerning. It’s hard to watch, because at times they show signs of brilliance. It’s there, somewhere, but not nearly as much as it needs to be. Many say that’s the aging factor coming through. Regardless, their defense hasn’t even been that bad. There’s just no way a team can win games in the NBA when you’re averaging under 90 points a game. On the bright side, the final stop on the road to the Super Bowl will go through Foxboro this Sunday as the Pats are set to face the Baltimore Ravens. The Pats will roll into Sunday’s game with plenty of momentum from this weekend’s victory against the Broncos. It’s been better but then again it’s also been worse for us in Boston. Hard to complain when your football team continues to build onto its second decade of dominance.


Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

With none of the top 7 teams losing this week not much has changed there, but their were many upsets last week and this weeks rankings reflect that.

1. Packers (12-0) +0 – Even if they lost last week I would still have them here. They’re offense is just too good.

2. Ravens (9-3) +1 – Their running game is dynamic and Flacco is doing a good job managing games.

3. Patriots (9-3) -1 – They started career special teamer Matthew Slater at safety last week. Their defense is a concern but I still see them battling with Pit and the Ravens in the AFC.

4. Steelers (9-3) +1 They absolutely destroyed the Bengals and their defense looks like Steelers defenses of the past.

5. Saints (9-3) -1 – Their offense looks like it did when they won the Super Bowl, but then again there hasn’t been to many changes since then.

6. 49ers (10-2) +0 – I still don’t believe in their ability to score points against a quality defense.

7. Texans (9-3) +9 – Their defense is going to have to carry them if they want a shot to get through the brutal AFC.

8. Cowboys(7-5) -1 – They just dropped a game they shouldn’t have lost. How typical. I still have faith in this team though.

9. Broncos (7-5) +5 – They are beginning to gain confidence in Tebow and allow him to throw the ball around a little more.

10. Lions (7-5) -2 – Their defense got picked apart last week by a great passing attack, but their offense can still put up points with the best of em’.

11. Jets (7-5) +1 – Sanchez has been playing better and isn’t losing games for them. He’s never going to be All-Pro caliber, but he needs to keep them in games instead of being the reason they are out of them.

12. Titans (7-5) +5 – I see them having a legitimate shot at making the playoffs is CJ keeps it up.

13. Falcons (7-5) -3 – They just lost to a team with T.J Yates at QB. Their offense is to hit or miss to be a top 10 team right now.

14. Giants (6-6) -5 – They showed they can play with the best of them, but at times they also play with the worst of em’. They play to their opponents skill level.

15. Raiders (7-5) -4 – After an embarrassing loss to Miami it wont get any easier when they go up against the red-hot Broncos.

16. Bengals (7-5) -3 – They’re still very young and its showing. Give them some time and they may be a top 5 team in the next couple of years, just not now.

17. Seahawks (5-7) +6 – They are leaning on the run game which is why they have been successful. If they hadn’t been so bad early on they could have been a playoff team.

18. Bears (7-5) -3 – Caleb Hanie really is that bad. They need to make a move for McNabb or say goodbye to their season.

19. Chargers (5-7) +0 – Even at 5-7 they still have a lot to play for with a shot to catch the Raiders.

20. Dolphins (4-8) +4 – They just blew out the Raiders last week and are on of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. It’s just a little to late.

21. Cardinals (5-7) +4 – They showed they have improved when they beat the Cowboys in OT last week.

22. Eagles (4-8) -4It’s almost amusing at this point.

23. Bills (5-7) -2 – Their D-Line is an absolute mess.

24. Panthers (4-8) +2 – Cam Newton is the real deal, they need to focus on the defensive side of the ball in this upcoming draft.

25. Chiefs (5-7) +6 – Don’t let them jumping 6 spots fool ya. Same goes for their victory against the Bears. They only scored on a fluke hail mary and only stopped a team with Caleb Hanie under center.

26. Redskins (4-8) -6They were embarrassed in the fourth quarter last week. Up next: The Patriots.

27. Vikings (2-10) +0 – For whatever its worth with a healthy AP they are still better than a handful of teams.

28. Buccaneers (4-8) -6 – They haven’t won a game in almost two months. Even a healthy Freeman won’t help them as he hasn’t had a great season.

29. Browns (4-8) -1 – Their offense is just terrible.

30. Jaguars (3-9) -1 – Imagine if they didn’t have MJD to take pressure off Gabbert? They might have been in the same situation as the Colts.

31. Rams (2-10) -1 – After getting shutout Sunday vs the 49ers you can see how bad their offense really is. The worst thing is their defense isn’t any better.

32. Colts (0-12) +0 – They probably won’t win a game all year, Manning out, Luck in?

NFL Week 13 Recap

Seahawks 31 Eagles 14

Our Pick: Seahawks

Seattle outlasted the Vick-less Eagles as the Eagles fell to 4-8 and the disappointing season continues. Marshawn Lynch ran hard and took over again, and Vince Young did everything he could to lose the game for the Eagles.

Jets 34- Redskins 19

Our Pick: Jets

Shonn Greene scored 3 TD’s and the Jets put up 21 points in the fourth quarter as the Jets kept their playoff hopes alive and improved to 7-5.

Chiefs 10 Bears 3

Our Pick: Bears

Kyle Orton lasted one single play in a Chiefs uniform before dislocating his finger and the QB play for both teams went downhill from there. The only touchdown was scored on a hail mary at the end of the first half that got tipped into the hands of Cheifs RB/WR Dexter McCluster. As far as being a Bears fan, Donovan McNabb sounds much better than Caleb Hanie right now. Or even Brett Favre? Imagine that.

Titans 23 Bills 17

Our Pick: Titans

The Titans stayed within a couple of games of the Texans who pulled out a surprising win this week. The Bills are just flat-out horrible. How does that $60 million deal for Fitzpatrick look now? Chris Johnson looks back to old form. Watch out for this team if they sneak into the playoffs.

Dolphins 34 Raiders 14

Our Pick: Raiders

The Dolphins proved me wrong this week and blew out the Raiders. This shows the Raiders just aren’t there yet and still have a lot of work to do. The Dolphins look poised to save their coaches job in Miami (Although he already put his home on the market after starting 0-7). The Raiders better not let this one slip away or its going to be a real disappointing offseason in Oakland.

Steelers 35 Bengals 7

Our Pick: Steelers

There were a couple of things that really stood out in this game. The Bengals are too young and just not ready to compete in a division with veteran teams like the Steelers and Ravens; the second being that the Steelers offense can get the job done. With weapons like Wallace, Mendenhall and Big Ben at the helm, this offense is the real deal.

Texans 17 Falcons 10

Our Pick: Falcons

The Texans and Rookie QB T.J Yates got the job done this week. The defense played great and it will have to continue if they want to make a run in the Playoffs because I don’t see the offense putting up much more than 17-20 points unless Foster has a freakish game. The Falcons fell apart and if they continue to play this way they’ll find themselves watching the playoffs from the comfort of their homes come January.

Broncos 35 Vikings 32

Our Pick: Broncos

I couldn’t go against Tebow, especially against the Vikings without Peterson. The Broncos defense looked very shaky throughout the whole game but they came up with a huge interception when they really needed it. They seem to be letting Tebow throw the ball and little more and it worked out for them as he threw for a couple TD’s while completing 66.7% of his passes.

Panthers 38 Buccaneers 19

Our Pick: Panthers

Cam Newton ran for 3 TD’s to give him a league leading 13 on the season. Josh Johnson remained winless as a starting QB in the NFL and the Buc’s just keep looking worse each week.

Ravens 24 Browns 10

Our Pick: Ravens

The Ravens got the win they were supposed to get and the Browns continued to struggle. Ray Rice was dominant again and looks like one of the leagues best RB’s this year. The Browns are just unlucky playing in the division they are in.

Packers 38 Giants 35

Our Pick: Giants

The Giants look like they had a chance to win this one in Overtime but their poor clock management on their final drive left too much time on the clock for Rodgers and he drove right down the field in under a minute. This shows the Packers are beatable.

Cardinals 19 Cowboys 13

Our Pick: Cowboys

This is what I meant a couple of weeks back that the Cowboys often times don’t play up to their talent. This is a game you cannot lose. They had the opportunity to pull two games up on the Giants with only 4 to go and they blow it by losing to a team like the Cardinals. I’m sure Jerry Jones isn’t exactly thrilled right now.

49ers 26 Rams 0

Our Pick: 49ers

The 49ers clinched the division and a playoff bitch this week by improving to 10-2 on the season. Jim Harbaugh has completely turned this team around and will certainly be in the running for coach of the year.

Saints 31 Lions 17

Our Pick: Saints

The Saints continue to keep putting up explosive numbers on offense and the loss of Suh on the defensive side of the ball for the Lions certainly did not help. The Lions have come back to earth after their 5-0 start and have lost five of their last seven.

Chargers 38 Jaguars 14

Our Pick: Chargers

Believe it or not the 5-7 Chargers still have a shot at the playoffs. They just need to hope they can be within a game of the Raiders come their week 17 matchup. The Jaguars passing situation just looks horrible and I’m sure the Panthers are glad they chose Newton of Gabbert.

Our Week 13 Picks Combined Record: 11-5

Lil Wayne – Boston Celtics Lollipop Remix

It’s a few years old, but with the Celts season quickly approaching, I figured it’d be a good flashback. Check below the video for lyrics and props to @CelticsFans for the tip.


My Celtics baby. #17 yo we got another banner. Gonna put it in the rafters. LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. [Chorus] Kobe Bryant sucks, Boston tears it up, We the champions there ain’t no stopping us see now we #1. Kobe really sucks, Celtics tear it up, we the champions there ain’t no stopping us see now we #1. [Verse 1] Ok the Celtics we the champs right now. We got the Big 3 beat LA to the ground. Ray-Ray, P, KG getting down. Best record in the league but the haters still doubt. Perk doing work. Rondo so thur. House in your mouth. Posey that’s murder. Three’s raining down like unh-unh, Pierce driving through the lane like dunk-dunk. [Hook] Mr. MVP I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop, I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. [Chorus] Kobe Bryant sucks. Boston tears it up. We the champions there ain’t no stopping us see now we #1. Kobe really sucks, Celtics tear it up, we the champions there ain’t no stopping us see now we #1. [Verse 2] What you gon’ do when the Celtics get hot and they’re dropping them, we hittin’ every shot. Ohhh the Lakers try to stop us. They got rocked. Kobe said the team that he with can’t win. Kobe want a trade ’cause the Lakers ain’t ****. Got a couple players but you still ain’t ****. (Pau Gasol?) Kobe crying, crying like a little *****.