A Reason to Celebrate

bruinsbeattorontoNothing compares to an NHL playoff game. I was lucky enough to be at last night’s Bruins game and it was one of the craziest moments of my life. I swear some of these sickos literally do bleed black and gold. I go to almost every Patriots game and you cannot do the shit you can do at the Garden. I swear every game I get the seat next to the 6 year old kid with his soft father that has the money to spend $350 a seat to watch something he doesn’t have a god damn clue about. This always results in me dropping way too many F bombs for that guys liking. If you and your kid can’t handle it stay home. Or when I got cussed out by a group of 6 females in their late 50’s sitting front row at Gillette this year. Screw that. Give those damn seats to someone that gives a shit. It’s pathetic. It’s not like that at a Bruins game. The Garden is filled with absolute diehard fans getting black out drunk yelling whatever the hell they want. You bring your kid to an NHL playoff game you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

How about the shit that went on outside of the Garden after last night’s win? Yeah I was one of those animals pounding on the glass while Felger and Amonte dropped F bombs on live television. Props to the BPD. They let us enjoy the moment. A couple thousand psychos running around the streets of Boston and they just let it happen. Fat dudes ripping their shirt off standing on those stupid T shirt stands making fools outta themselves. It was absolute chaos last night. You pull a stunt like that at Gillette you end up in the drunk tank. The Bruins just bring this city together and it was great to see last night. #BostonStrong #TorontoWrong

How’s the Division Title, Montreal?

With all of Boston in a frenzy over tonight’s potential first round closeout game for our beloved Bruins I would also like to point out what went down in Montreal last night. Last night was a great night in the NHL world as the putrid Canadiens got steamrolled by the seven seeded Ottawa Senators.

DCouture TweetHabs fans have been in absolute disgust all week. It got so bad that Tony “The Meatball” Marinaro from Montreals TSN690 radio even suggested that the whole NHL feels bad for his beloved Canadiens. (The guy that Gresh and Zo humiliate on a daily basis). Excuse me? We feel bad for the team that flops around more than fish outta water? Don’t think so meatball. America loves to see you lose. My hatred for the Habs stretches much further than I have ever hated even the Yankees. What the hell do you think The Meatball and the rest of Montreal talks about the rest of the year? Montreal has nothing to root for after the Habs. Unless of course, you’re a fan of 5’6” Molson X drinking hardos. Or the Expos. Right?? Enjoy the division title and your summer. We’ll be going for the real prize.

Patriots Offseason Q&A


So I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the internet about the Patriots recently and there have been a lot of fan questions about the Patriots and primarily their most recent offseason moves so I figured it was worth my time to put together an article answering some of the most frequent questions.

What are the Patriots plans at the Wide Receiver position after their most recent signings?

The Patriots have made several Wide Receiver moves so far this offseason; with the most notable move being the signing of Brandon Lloyd. The Patriots have an abundance of bodies at the receiver position and clearly they all won’t be able to be on the roster come opening day. What their exact plan is no one can tell. Chad Ochocinco restructured his contract recently to take a pay cut, which in my eyes would be viewed as a sign that he might be back for round two. Anthony Gonzalez is frequently injured but when healthy has potential to be a solid option. The re-signing of Deion Branch was a surprise to me, especially after the signing of Lloyd. I’m not convinced Stallworth will make the team but even that is still a possibility. The bottom line is someone has to get cut/traded. It hurts to even think about it; but with the depth the Patriots have at the position now it could be an option that Welker is traded or released. In no way am I saying Anthony Gonzalez is Welker talent, but if he can get the job done at the same position as Welker I don’t see a purpose in paying Wes over $9mil this season. I believe a lot of the restructured contracts could be leading to a record breaking deal for Gronk. Even without Welker Brady will have plenty of options to go to so if you can use the money elsewhere (AKA defense) I would certainly do it.

Who will carry the load for the Patriots at Running Back?

With Green-Ellis signing with the Bengals the Patriots are left without any experience at the Running Back position. Ridley showed flashes of talent but is fumble prone and that certainly won’t fare well with Bellichick if it continues. Shane Vereen may be a viable option if healthy also. Woodhead is certainly not an every down back in the NFL either. Don’t hold your breath that the Pats will sign that every down back everyone has hoped for since the retirement of Corey Dillon. The Patriots will more than likely use a running back by committee type of game plan which isn’t anything new to them. I’m assuming the Patriots will bring in the Sammy Morris or Lamont Jordan type of veteran to take a few carries and add depth to the position, but don’t expect much.  The Pats don’t rely on the run game like some teams so I don’t see this being a major concern.

What will the Patriots do with their four picks in the first two rounds?

My bet is the Patriots will more than likely trade one or two of the picks like they always do. Something like one of their first rounder’s this year for a third this year and a first next year. Let’s say the Pats change their style up a bit and use all their picks.

Pick No. 27 : The Patriots will more than likely address the defensive side of the ball early and often in the draft so here are a few of their options with this pick.

Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina

Gilmore has good size for a corner standing at 6’1” and has experience at the college level.  He lacks elite speed but with the right coaching he could get by with what he has and be a solid NFL cornerback.

Nick Perry, DE/OLD USC 

Perry is a solid pass rusher and would be a great fit for the Patriots 3-4 defense.

Pick No. 31: The Patriots will probably stick with defense with this pick. I’m thinking they go with a linebacker and then some secondary help with their first two picks.

Mark Barron, S Alabama

Barron has serious talent and was one of the best safeties in the country as a sophomore two years ago. Barron is a three year starter and could be a steal at this pick. He is a hard hitter and has good size for a safety. If Barron is still here I don’t see any way the Pats take anyone else.

Pick No. 48: The Pats will probably also go defense with this pick. They have many holes on that side of the ball.

Vinny Curry, DE/OLB Marshall

Curry has a great combination of speed and size which makes him a very versatile player and that is something Bellichick loves. Curry put up phenomenal numbers in college but those stats can also be skewed seeing as he played in a weak conference.

Harrison Smith, SS Notre Dame

If the Pats don’t take a safety in the first round expect them to take one here.  Smith is a smart player who doesn’t get beat deep often.

Pick No. 63


Brandon Boykin, CB Georgia

Trumaine Johnson, CB/S Montana

Chase Minnifield, CB Virginia

That’s all for today folks. If you have any Patriots questions for us leave them

Patriots Offseason: Defensive Line

The Patriots defensive line played better than most had expected coming into the season last year and at times was a bright spot for a primarily bad defense. Andre Carter was a great surprise and played exceptional prior to his season ending knee injury. Mark Anderson proved to be a great signing considering once Carter went down he stepped right in and ended the regular season with 10 sacks. Both Carter and Anderson will be free agents this offseason so keeping both seems rather unlikely. If healthy Carter is the more likely signing but as players age injuries like Carter suffered are much harder to bounce back from. Shaun Ellis and Gerard Warren are also free agents and I don’t expect the Pats to hang on to either, as they are both far past their prime. The anchor of the defensive line is obviously big Vince Wilfork and he will certainly maintain that role next year. Kyle Love and Brandon Deadrick have both been great surprises for the Pats, but they are not exactly quality NFL starters. Through the recent years the Patriots been reluctant to use first round picks on defensive lineman, but I expect that pattern to change this year. Of course if the Pats make a move prior to the draft and sign a top-tier free agent to play defensive end then they will more than likely shy away from defensive lineman in the first couple rounds. There are many quality options this offseason so talent certainly won’t be the issue. Some of the possible Patriots options are as follows.

Mario Williams: Obviously this signing would be a huge stretch, and with a young and very talented Texans team Williams might be more willing to stick around. He would certainly help turn this defense around who ranked 31st in yards against last season. Williams would be used as a hybrid D-Line / Outside Linebacker for the Patriots.

Robert Mathis: Mathis is a great pass rusher with Pro-Bowl talent and would be a huge upgrade for the Pats. Mathis is more likely to leave Indy seeing as they are clearly about to begin their rebuilding process and when that occurs the veterans usually are not a part of their plans.

Aaron Smith: Smith might stay put in Pittsburgh but this would certainly be a viable option for the Pats. Belichick loves to stack depth at the defensive line position with veterans so this would certainly be along the lines of a typical Patriots signing. Smith has shown he can get after the QB.

Other possible options:

Raheem Brock

Amobi Okoye

John Abraham

Patriots Offseason: Offensive Line

The Patriots offensive line certainly was not a concern last season and I don’t see it being a primary concern this offseason. The only position that will be addressed should be the center position. Dan Koppen and his backup/utility man Dan Connolly will be free agents this offseason and although neither should be very expensive signings, both could potentially end up elsewhere. If healthy Koppen is certainly a quality center but there are certainly other options the Pats may consider. Connolly seems to be a great fit in the Patriots offensive line because of his versatility to play both guard positions as well as center. Heck, the guy can even return a kick when called upon. Most people, as well as myself saw Brian Waters as a one-year average fill in but after his pro-bowl season last year it looks like he will be back for another year. With Logan Mankins and Waters in the guard positions the Pats are as solid as it comes there. The tackle situation looks very promising as well. Matt Light looks like he still has some left in the tank and with the combination of Sebastian Vollmer and Nate Solder on the opposite side the Pats look pretty solid up front. The Patriots also have Marcus Cannon in the waiting, Cannon is a huge presence on the line standing at 6’5” and weighing 358. Overall the Patriots offensive line should be very solid. If Koppen walks and the Pats are not content with Connolly as their starting center they will definitely have a few possible options.

Jeff Saturday: Even with Saturday playing for the enemy for many years he still praised Patriots owner Bob Kraft and credited him by saying the lockout could not have ended without the help of Kraft. Saturday is a class act and a Patriots type of guy. Rumor has it Saturday is mulling retirement, but if he opts to remain in the league I would imagine he wouldn’t be a piece to the Colts rebuilding process. Saturday is a quality center and could be a solid fit for the Pats at a reasonably low-cost.

Matt Birk: A veteran center that could come in and be a leader on the offensive line at a low-cost.

Patriots Offseason: Tight Ends

The Patriots clearly do not need to address the tight end position this offseason. With Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez the Pats have two of the top tight ends in all of football. Gronkowski is not only an elite pass-catching tight end; he is also one of the best blockers at his position. I’m sure the Patriots will carry three tight ends on the roster so expect them to go after a veteran as more of a blocking presence to throw out their on the occasional running down. I’m sure the Patriots will be looking to give the tight end tandem some new contracts very soon. Whether or not that will happen this off-season has yet to be determined, but either way Hernandez and Gronkowski have earned themselves a serious payday. If healthy; the Patriots will enter the 2012 season with by far the best tight end tandem in the NFL.


Patriots Offseason: Wide Receiver

20120214-141405.jpgThe Patriots passing attack primarily was not an issue this year. As long as Tom Brady has the reigns of this Patriots offense the passing attack will never be the primary concern. At the same time it is also clear that the Patriots miss the deep threat they had back when Randy Moss would be consistently torching opposing safeties. I expect the Pats to address the receiver position through either free agency or the draft. The Pats will more than likely bring back Wes Welker, but after Welker there are no guarantees. Deion Branch is a free agent and I see that one as a 50/50 as to if he will return. Branch will not require too much of a salary so I would think it would be a good option. With the Patriots having the best possession receiver, and two of the best tight ends in football its hard to imagine it would require much more than a deep threat to bring this offense back to the way it was in past seasons. It’s always very hard to predict the Patriots offseason moves, but some of the options may include:

Randy Moss: This almost seems unrealistic, but we all know Moss loved being here and Belichick has no problem dealing with difficult personalities. Moss, 35, is still probably one of the best deep field threats in the game.

Reggie Wayne: I don’t exactly see this being the ideal fit in New England, but if the Pat’s lose Branch it is certainly a viable option as I see them being a similar type of receiver.

Brandon Lloyd: Lloyd is more of what the Patriots need. His big play ability will keep safeties back a few more yards, which could make the Patriots underneath passing game one of the best ever.

Robert Meachem: Possesses good speed and could be a good fit alongside Welker in this Patriots offense.

Ted Ginn: Certainly will not be the completion to the puzzle as a receiver but with Ginn’s versatility and elite speed he could be a great fit in New England.


Patriots Offseason: Running Backs

20120209-110845.jpgThe Patriots least famed position over the past decade has certainly been the running back position. With Kevin Faulk set for retirement, the only other question mark in the backfield goes to Benjarvus Green-Ellis. Green-Ellis has proven himself to be a consistent runner for the Pats and I expect him to re-sign here in the New England. I think Benjarvus knows his value is at its peak here in New England because of the mixture of players they throw out there every Sunday. The Pats also have Woodhead, Ridley, and Vereen under contract going into next season and seeing as the latter two were both 2011 draft picks I don’t expect this to be a position the Patriots address on draft day. There’s a slight possibility the Pats could try to pick up a veteran back but I also don’t see that happening if they keep Green-Ellis. If for some reason they let Green-Ellis walk, then you can expect the Pats to take a look at some of these options…

Peyton Hillis – Hard Runner, coming off a very tough season. Could be a low-risk high reward signing.

Cedric Benson – This is definitely a stretch for the Pats, but at the same time I don’t expect him to be in Cincy next year.

Ryan Grant – Not really an every down back anymore but can certainly take over Green-Ellis’ roll at a similar price.

Other possibilities:

Tim Hightower

Ronnie Brown

Jason Snelling


Patriots Offseason: QB Situation

Well the season certainly did not end the way we were all looking forward to, but nevertheless its over and time to move onto the offseason. Each day for the next few weeks I will go position by position evaluating the talent and depth at each position, as well as ways the Patriots can improve at each of them.

Quarterback: Tom Brady is obviously the starter for the next few seasons and there is no debate there. The backup position however is certainly under question though. Brian Hoyer is a restricted free agent this offseason meaning the Patriots have many ways to keep him. I look at this as a similar situation to Matt Cassel but without that year of experience Cassel had. The Pats would love to keep Hoyer but with many other needs on the team this offseason they will not overspend for a backup QB. I think the Patriots may have realized they won’t be able to keep him and that’s why they drafted Ryan Mallet. Whether the Patriots plan to have Mallet be Brady’s predecessor has yet to be determined. I expect Hoyer to be playing elsewhere next season and the Patriots will reach out to a veteran backup to help season Mallet.

Steelers Hire Former Chiefs HC to Become New OC

20120207-122325.jpgThe Steelers have signed former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley today to become the team’s offensive coordinator. You might also remember Haley because he was the OC for the Arizona Cardinals during their miraculous playoff run in the 07’-08’ season.

Many might look at this as no big deal and if you do you are certainly mistaken. Haley is one of the top offensive minds in the league today, and having him take over an already potent Steelers offense certainly worries me as a Patriots fan. The Steelers rarely make big signings outside of the organization, but I definitely think this move will pay off. In Arizona, Haley worked with the Kurt Warner to Larry Fitz combo. He certainly has a similar combo here talent wise with the deep threat from Roethlisberger to stud receiver Mike Wallace. When this offense is at full health expect big things this year.