Hernandez in Trouble?


6/26 3:00 PM

Watching the arraignment live. The prosecution team has multiple text messages to and from the victim, hernandez, and two others. He is charged with murder and 5 other gun charges (supposedly 5 shots to body). Pleads not guilty.

6/26 2:15 PM

Hernandez arrived at court. We are waiting to hear back what the charges are. It is assumed that it is most definitely a felony charge with jail time possible.

6/26 10:30 AM

The Patriots have released Aaron Hernandez after he was arrested this morning.

6/26 9:30 AM

Aaron Hernandez was taken into custody today in cuffs. More information to follow.

Hernandez Arrested

6/21 2:00 PM

The warrant hasn’t gone away, just still being prepared. This clearly isn’t good, as they think that they have enough evidence to arrest him and hold him. Muscle Milk has terminated their endorsement contract with him already.

6/21 10:35 AM

It is now being reported that the Arrest Warrant for Tight End Aaron Hernandez has gone away. More to come as the story develops, but this could be huge for the Patriots star if we can make this go away. We don’t want Tebow playing TE.

6/21 7:30 AM

There has been an arrest warrant issued for Aaron Hernandez on obstruction of justice charges (see below). While Authorities are still searching for more evidence, many believe that these charges will be upgraded in the near future to something even more serious.

6/20 4:00 PM

As you all have probably heard, it has been reported that Hernandez destroyed his security system, phone, and brought in a cleaning crew to his residence.. not good.

6/20 8:00 AM

More news developing late last night in case you missed it. Apparently, Fox is reporting that Hernandez was at the same club as the victim that night. They are also reporting that there were 4 people in the car leaving his house, including the victim, and only 3 returned to the house afterwards. This is not looking good for the Patriots star. The next 24-48 hours are going to be critical in finding out new details.

6/19 3:50 PM

Apparently Sports Illustrated is saying that many teams questioned Hernandez’s background prior to him being drafted by New England in the fourth round.

The deceased man is now being described as an “associate” or Hernandez.

Here is a copy of the lawsuit that is being brought up against Hernandez. 

6/19 2:40 PM

It’s being reported from multiple sources that Aaron Hernandez is also going to be sued for allegedly shooting a man in the face (eye, to be exact). Apparently, there was an argument at a club, and they left together. He aimed the gun at Alexander Bradley and the gun accidentally discharged. He is suing Hernandez for $100k. This can’t be real right? And isn’t your eye worth more than $100k? Hernandez is not licensed to carry a firearm.

6/19 1:00 PM

The victim played for the Boston Bandits Semi-Pro team as a linebacker. Hernandez is reportedly cooperating a lot better now. The body was found one mile from his home, and close to a car that was in his name.

6/19 8:30 AM

An officer reportedly carried a large box out of Hernandez’s residence. Cops were searching the house using flashlights late at night. Obviously, everyone and their mother is declining to comment on this.

6/18 8:30 PM

Apparently Hernandez is not cooperating with Police the way they would like him to. When they searched his home, two of his friends tried to leave, but were stopped by Police.

Sports Illustrated reports that at least 10 Police Cruisers flanked Hernandez’s home late Tuesday.

6/18 7:30 PM

New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez was reportedly questioned on Monday while authorities were investigating a homicide in Attleboro, Mass. Although he isn’t thought to be a murder suspect, they say that a vehicle registered in his name is a key piece of evidence. Supposedly, they also want to search his home, and Hernandez decided to get a lawyer. Hopefully this is all just a misunderstanding and we will keep you updated in the coming days.

aaron hernandez

Patriots Offseason: Tight Ends

The Patriots clearly do not need to address the tight end position this offseason. With Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez the Pats have two of the top tight ends in all of football. Gronkowski is not only an elite pass-catching tight end; he is also one of the best blockers at his position. I’m sure the Patriots will carry three tight ends on the roster so expect them to go after a veteran as more of a blocking presence to throw out their on the occasional running down. I’m sure the Patriots will be looking to give the tight end tandem some new contracts very soon. Whether or not that will happen this off-season has yet to be determined, but either way Hernandez and Gronkowski have earned themselves a serious payday. If healthy; the Patriots will enter the 2012 season with by far the best tight end tandem in the NFL.


Patriots vs. Giants: Tight Ends

Two more days til’ the big day, and the good news keeps coming from Indy. Rob Gronkowski will be playing in the Super Bowl Sunday barring any major setbacks to his left ankle injury. We are going to be squeezing in a few comparisons in one day today, so keep checking back! First we will take a look at Tight Ends. Not too much compare here, but I guess I can take the time to further emphasize how great these Patriots tight ends really are.

Let me begin with stating that Jake Ballard is a quality tight end. Ballard caught for over 600 yards and as a Giants fan you have to be satisfied with that. Ballard; at 6’6” is a huge target and Eli often looks his way. Ballard’s stats are somewhat deflated because of how many targets Manning has to spread the ball around too. Ballard is a surprisingly consistent threat when it comes to deeper passes, which is a rarity from the tight end position. Ballard has the potential to sneakily be a key contributor in this week’s game if he gets matched up with the primarily run stopping Brandon Spikes.

Overall Grade: B-

20120203-120702.jpgWhere to begin? This two-headed monster the Patriots possess is something that has possibly never been seen, and never will be seen again in the NFL. The Patriots duo combined for 169 receptions, 2,237 yards and 24 touchdowns. Gronk often overshadows Hernandez but Hernandez really is a top five talent at his position. He has great speed and is as versatile as they come. Hernandez best attribute might be his ability to make players miss after the catch. I guess we can go onto Gronk now, as if you haven’t heard enough already the past couple weeks. Gronkowski recorded 17 touchdowns as he smashed the single season touchdown record by a tight end. Even with the injured ankle I still expect Gronk to be a huge factor Sunday. If double coverage can’t slow him down I don’t think a sprained ankle will.

Overall Grade: A+

Edge: Patriots

Today is a Good Day in Gronk Nation

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski showed up for media day at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis today minus one thing he’s had all week: His Walking Boot.

20120131-112735.jpgThis is great news for Patriots nation, as easily their most explosive talent on the offensive side of the ball seems to be ahead of schedule rehabbing from his high ankle sprain suffered during last weeks 23-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens, and is more than likely on track to play in this Sundays Super Bowl showdown. Gronk lists himself as “day-to-day”. Tom Brady added, “He’s making progress. He’s out of his boot, which makes me feel a lot better. Damn right this makes Brady feel a lot better.”

He knows having Gronk out there gives them a much better chance to win Sunday. The guy is an absolute freak. He possesses the combination of size, speed and just pure talent that hasn’t been seen from the Tight End position since Tony Gonzalez back in the early 2000’s. The Pat’s will more than likely hold Gronk out of practice for the rest of the week until the team walk-through Saturday. Whatever needs to be done to get this monster on the field Sunday will be done. Maybe Belichick should call up Bibi Jones to have her help heal Gronk.


Gronk Nation Lives On

20111212-113212.jpgWelcome to Gronk Nation! (as if you needed an introduction) You can talk about Tim Tebow all you want, and don’t get me wrong I’ve hopped on the Tebow bandwagon, but we’ve got our own Messiah right here in New England. Rob Gronkowski. Fourteen weeks into his breakout season, Gronk set the NFL tight end receiving touchdown record with 15 thus far, passing both Vernon Davis and Antonio Gates, both with 13. Now, there’s no need to complain but what gets me here is the whole “receiving touchdown” record. The all-time single season record for touchdowns, in general, by a tight end was also 13, by the same two guys. Gronkowski had 14 total coming into this week’s game, so as far as the record is concerned, he broke it last week against the Colts. This week merely improved his record to a total of 16 TDs. But the NFL is the NFL and they have their guidelines and what not on how to determine records so I guess he did it this week. In a sense, he actually broke two records. Receiving touchdowns and total touchdowns. Gronk now sits pretty in the record books two “receiving touchdowns” (three if your want to be realistic) ahead of the the next guy with a bit more football to play.

And on a side note, Gronk went absolute beast mode (per usual) on those two Redskins defenders. I mean having the skill to make a diving catch, the intelligence to get up and run immediately, the power to drag them 5 yards down the field on his back, the command to stay in bounds, again the intelligence to keep running with the play, and finally the absolute beast mode mentality that it takes to turn a short pass play for a first down into a 49 yard explosion that set up his record breaking touchdown reception. Boom! Get Gronk’d!