Gronk Nation Lives On

20111212-113212.jpgWelcome to Gronk Nation! (as if you needed an introduction) You can talk about Tim Tebow all you want, and don’t get me wrong I’ve hopped on the Tebow bandwagon, but we’ve got our own Messiah right here in New England. Rob Gronkowski. Fourteen weeks into his breakout season, Gronk set the NFL tight end receiving touchdown record with 15 thus far, passing both Vernon Davis and Antonio Gates, both with 13. Now, there’s no need to complain but what gets me here is the whole “receiving touchdown” record. The all-time single season record for touchdowns, in general, by a tight end was also 13, by the same two guys. Gronkowski had 14 total coming into this week’s game, so as far as the record is concerned, he broke it last week against the Colts. This week merely improved his record to a total of 16 TDs. But the NFL is the NFL and they have their guidelines and what not on how to determine records so I guess he did it this week. In a sense, he actually broke two records. Receiving touchdowns and total touchdowns. Gronk now sits pretty in the record books two “receiving touchdowns” (three if your want to be realistic) ahead of the the next guy with a bit more football to play.

And on a side note, Gronk went absolute beast mode (per usual) on those two Redskins defenders. I mean having the skill to make a diving catch, the intelligence to get up and run immediately, the power to drag them 5 yards down the field on his back, the command to stay in bounds, again the intelligence to keep running with the play, and finally the absolute beast mode mentality that it takes to turn a short pass play for a first down into a 49 yard explosion that set up his record breaking touchdown reception. Boom! Get Gronk’d!