Video Match Up – Top One-Handed NFL Catches

Nothing like bringing back the old Video Match-Up to get you through Hump Day this Tuesday that feels like Wednesday. To get the ball rollin we’re going to get a little crazy and give you the Top 4 one handed catches in the NFL so far this year. Who ya got?

James Jones – Green Bay Packers


Brandon Gibson – St. Louis Rams


Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts


Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Twins



X Games Roundup

Since its been a couple of boring days for the Red Sox, I decided to write about the X Games over the weekend. Some of the events I was really disappointed by, but there were two things that I was glad I got to see.

Sunday in the day was a snowmobile jumping competition. The very first guy I watched (Heath Frisby) did a front flip on his snowmobile. My friends and I were in awe of how cool it was, but also how psychotic the guys must be. Then the announcers said it was the first front flip ever landed and about twenty guys celebrated for the next minute and a half. I thought it was cool and all, but not warranting all that celebration.

Sunday night was where I was really interested. Every year I make a point to watch the superpipe competition and see if anyone can push Shaun White off the gold spot in the podium. Run after run guys tried to outdo Shaun, which made the event that much better. Guys push their limits and you get to see great tricks, but the majority couldn’t complete their run without wiping out or messing up somehow…except for the flying tomato. Guy is a straight baller. Skinny pants might be a bit soft, but he always put on a show in that event and does it flawless. What I liked most was his victory lap, his last run in which he was already guaranteed gold. Instead of taking it easy (with his hurt ankle) and taking a joy ride for the fans down the pipe, Shaun pushed himself to the perfect run, getting incredible air on every jump. He was awarded the first perfect score (100) in X Games history.






Video Match-Up

For this week’s Video Match-Up we have two amazing one handed snags from the college football world. The first is Marshall University’s Aaron Dobson and the second is Evan Spencer from Ohio State. Who ya got?

If you have any tips on what next week’s Video Match-Up should be, email your ideas to Last week’s winner was Matt Duchene and his absolute diddle vs. the Penguins.

Aaron Dobson – Marshall University


Evan Spencer – Ohio State



Video Match-Up

Let’s see how this goes…Each Thursday we’ll put up two videos of the same category (by sport, era, rivalry, etc) and let you guys vote on which one you think is better. This week we have two absolute dangles from the NHL. You have until Wednesday night next week to vote, so we’ll reveal the winner during next Thursday’s Video Match-Up.

If you have any tips on what next week’s Video Match-Up should be, email your ideas to

Matt Duchene – Colorado Avalanche


Guillaume Latendresse – Minnesota Wild