Donte Stallworth Accident

Patriot Receiver Donte Stallworth was involved in a hot air balloon accident over the weekend. Stallworth’s balloon caught on fire after hitting some power lines and then plunged towards the mug-shot-38552951ground. Donte is now in stable condition and says that he “feels lucky to be alive” His agent has already said that he will be able to resume his NFL career. Stallworth has been suspended for one season prior to sustaining any injuries from this accident for a DUI Manslaughter. He spent 30 days in jail for that.

Stallworth has jumped around from the Saints, Pats, Eagles, Browns, Ravens, and Redskins, but is still regarded as a solid player. Stallworth caught 8 TD Passes in his rookie season but has been limited since leaving the Saints in 2005 after he had 945 yards and 5 TDs in his final season there. Stallworth had 1 reception for 63 yards for the Patriots this season. He scored on the play that came against the blowout of the Texans in early December.

Do the Pats have a backup plan if Welker leaves?

It is rumored that the Patriots already have a plan to replace Wes Welker after not applying the Franchise Tag to him this season if they cannot come to a deal. It is also reported, however, that they are coming close to a deal since both sides knew that they were better with each other than without. Supposedly, they are looking to acquire Danny Amendola who is a slot receiver from the St. Louis Rams. Amendola missed 5 games last season but still caught 63 passes for 666 yards and 3 scores.  Danny Amendola is 27 years old and most likely won’t want to return to the awful Rams if he has a chance at a Super Bowl ring.  Danny is 4 years younger, and 2 inches taller than Welker. Do you think they will go through with this?


Brady Fined

Tom Brady was fined $10,000 last night after a slide against the Ravens last week that the league called a dirty play. Not that it matters, I’m pretty sure him and Gisele can swing the 10k. Ed Reed said he didn’t mind the play that much because it was in the heat of the game, but Bernard Pollard (one of the dirtiest guys out there) took to the media to complain. He said that if you can call it on the defense, you have to be able to do what’s right and call it on the QB too. Anyways, I like Brady for doing this. It shows that he was pissed off and wanted to do anything to win.

Ignore the voice of the guy in the video, even though it is pretty amusing.

Jets Still Talking

Everyone knows that the Jets always talk trash. It’s in their nature. But this time, they are talking trash about one of their own. The New York Daily News polled 12 Jet’s players to see if they agreed with Rex Ryan’s decision to stick with Mark Sanchez after starting 3-6 this season. The media is all over it because they want to see Tebow and have the Tebow-mania frenzy that we saw last season.

An anonymous defensive starter said, “He’s terrible,”. This is true. The guy only completes 52% of his passes and it seems like he gets intercepted every other play when get gets in the Red Zone. Another player said there is “no other viable option”, meaning that Tebow is of little help to the offense.

Let’s hope that this can continue to pile up and eat away at the players so we can watch the Pats demolish them on Thanksgiving night. Go Pats!

Pats Opener

With the Offensive Line weaker than ever, and the lack of time the starters played in our 1-3 preseason, will the Patriots be able to cover their spread against the energized Titans. I am willing to bet that  Chris Johnson has a huge season just as he did three years ago when he had over 2000 rushing yards and 16 TD’s. Last season was more of a fluke after his big contract extension. This year, he will be ready to play.

However, our young-looking defense is now one year more experienced, and recieved big help from rookies Hightower and Jones. Plus, Wilfork’s 300 pound figure makes it hard for any running back to come up the middle.

The spread on the game is +6 going to the Titans. Will the Patriots be able to cover? I think that they will but I wouldn’t be expecting the same 59-0 blowout from 2009. Although, Brady’s 6 TD passes in that game would be great since he is now on my fantasy team. Enjoy your weekend!

Patriots Offseason: Tight Ends

The Patriots clearly do not need to address the tight end position this offseason. With Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez the Pats have two of the top tight ends in all of football. Gronkowski is not only an elite pass-catching tight end; he is also one of the best blockers at his position. I’m sure the Patriots will carry three tight ends on the roster so expect them to go after a veteran as more of a blocking presence to throw out their on the occasional running down. I’m sure the Patriots will be looking to give the tight end tandem some new contracts very soon. Whether or not that will happen this off-season has yet to be determined, but either way Hernandez and Gronkowski have earned themselves a serious payday. If healthy; the Patriots will enter the 2012 season with by far the best tight end tandem in the NFL.


Patriots Offseason: QB Situation

Well the season certainly did not end the way we were all looking forward to, but nevertheless its over and time to move onto the offseason. Each day for the next few weeks I will go position by position evaluating the talent and depth at each position, as well as ways the Patriots can improve at each of them.

Quarterback: Tom Brady is obviously the starter for the next few seasons and there is no debate there. The backup position however is certainly under question though. Brian Hoyer is a restricted free agent this offseason meaning the Patriots have many ways to keep him. I look at this as a similar situation to Matt Cassel but without that year of experience Cassel had. The Pats would love to keep Hoyer but with many other needs on the team this offseason they will not overspend for a backup QB. I think the Patriots may have realized they won’t be able to keep him and that’s why they drafted Ryan Mallet. Whether the Patriots plan to have Mallet be Brady’s predecessor has yet to be determined. I expect Hoyer to be playing elsewhere next season and the Patriots will reach out to a veteran backup to help season Mallet.

Patriots vs. Giants: Wide Receivers

Only four more days… damn the anticipation is killing me. Today we will take a lot at the Wide Receivers for both the Giants and the Patriots.

The Giants wide receivers have come alive this year in a way not to many expected. Victor Cruz, a Umass Amherst Alumni was one of the top receivers in the league this year and his stats certainly illustrate that. Having him next to Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham is quite the trio. Some receivers in the NFL only produce when paired up with a top-tier quarterback. This isn’t the case with these Giants receivers. These guys possess pure talent. Cruz is a deep touchdown waiting to happen and Hakeem Nicks is a matchup nightmare with his size and speed combination. Eli is a great quarterback, but it doesn’t hurt when you have the options he has. It is going to be quite the assignment for the Patriots secondary to even slow down this receiver core.

Overall Grade: A20120202-111508.jpg

The Patriots receivers are certainly above average, but I feel as though they fall into the category noted above: Top tier quarterbacks can craft an average receiver to fall into the elite category. Wes Welker is obviously a stud in this offense, but is he as valuable talent wise in another offense? We all saw what Deion Branch did without Brady. As far as Ochocinco goes… well I have nothing to say about that. Yes the Patriots have an elite passing attack and that is undeniable, but a lot of their offense goes through their dominant tight ends and not as much through the receivers like most teams. The Patriots receivers get the job done, but talent wise they do not match up with the Giants.

Overall Grade: B

Edge: Giants


Weekend Recap

I think it’s safe to say this was one of the better weekends Boston has seen in a long while. We’ll start out with the obvious. Patriots are in the Super Bowl once again!! Now, there’s a sentence that never gets old. Although I figured it’d be in a more decisive manner, the Pats came out victorious yesterday, edging the Ravens 23-20 in the AFC Championship. With 27 seconds left I think everyone in the world thought this game was heading for overtime and who knows what could have happened. But the stars were aligned in Foxboro last night as Raven’s kicker Billy Cundiff botched a 32 yard routine field goal to tie the game at 23. Shanks for coming! Has a suicide watch been put on Cundiff yet? I sure hope so. In case anyone was wondering, the Bruins and Celtics both played yesterday too. With the Pats game overshadowing pretty much every other sports game in Boston, the two other teams were victorious on Sunday as well. The Bruins pulled past the Flyers 6-5 with Seguin netting the decisive goal in the shootout. Pierce stepped up his game and showed Boston why he is a Celtic as the team got a much needed win against Wizards 100-94. Both the Bruins and the Celts lost a game as well over the weekend, with the Celts falling to the Suns 79-71 in an ugly showing Friday night while the B’s suffered a very disappointing loss to the Rangers Saturday with just seconds left in overtime. Overall I’d say it was a great weekend in the City of Champions, with the Patriots continuing to prove their domination as they head to their 5th Super Bowl in 12 years. This is going to be a long two weeks…Happy Monday!