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Alright so most of us had a five day weekend and the Pats couldn’t have done a better job embarrassing the Jets. All more reason to make one of the most difficult Mondays in a while. You need your memes. … Continue reading

Jets Still Talking

Everyone knows that the Jets always talk trash. It’s in their nature. But this time, they are talking trash about one of their own. The New York Daily News polled 12 Jet’s players to see if they agreed with Rex Ryan’s decision to stick with Mark Sanchez after starting 3-6 this season. The media is all over it because they want to see Tebow and have the Tebow-mania frenzy that we saw last season.

An anonymous defensive starter said, “He’s terrible,”. This is true. The guy only completes 52% of his passes and it seems like he gets intercepted every other play when get gets in the Red Zone. Another player said there is “no other viable option”, meaning that Tebow is of little help to the offense.

Let’s hope that this can continue to pile up and eat away at the players so we can watch the Pats demolish them on Thanksgiving night. Go Pats!

Patriots Getting Respect.. Finally

Two people who have been talking trash to the Patriots and Brady for years have come out saying that they respect them. New York Jets’ Head Coach Rex Ryan said that he doesn’t think that the Pats’ Defense gets enough credit.  This is what Ryan said to ESPN:

“The Patriots play complementary football. Obviously, you have the No. 1 offense in all of football — scoring offense, total offense, everything-else offense — so what you try to do is win the turnover battle. Their record when they win the turnover battle is phenomenal. That’s something they do and I think it goes overlooked.”

He also has come out today saying that Bill Belichick is a better head coach than he is, something that he has never admitted to before.

And maybe it’s because he is having the best season of his career, but typical big-mouth safety Antonio Cromartie said he respects the Pats. With Revis out, he is their number 1 defensive back and already has 4 interceptions. He also lines up as a wide receiver occasionally and is also on the field for special teams quite a bit. He told ESPN that they are the new America’s Team. See below:

“They’re always in the playoffs,” Cromartie continued. “Every single year they have a chance to win the Super Bowl. When you have a dynasty team like coach (Bill) Belichick has put together, I mean, they’re always going to be talked about. That’s why I call them the new America’s Team.”

Pats Sit Atop AFC East

Finally, all is right in the football world again. The Dolphins don’t worry me at all and the Bills continue their trend of starting out decent and then realizing that they’re just the Bills so they let up 97 points in two games while scoring only 31. Rex Ryan, Sanchez, and the Jets continue to show what a disgrace to football they are and the Patriots stand alone atop the AFC East.

And things are only looking up for the Pats. Our offense is steamrolling defenses and not because of what we’re used to. Gronk was basically invisible on the field Sunday and Hernandez was out. The duo we relied on last year was absent and we still dominated offensively. The Welker we all know and love is back, in addition to a newfound running game that we’ve longed for since the days of Curtis Martin. It’s just unfair how many options the Pats have offensively. Simply no way to cover it all. On the other side of the ball, despite having the third worst passing defense in the league, we have the Seahawks next week who are second to last in overall passing yards on offense. McCourty may get picked on more than he ought to but it might not be a terrible day for the secondary. Not to mention Hernandez could be back in action. Sprinkle in replacing Monday with a Tuesday and a fantasy win to top it off…I’d say it’s a good start to the week. Happy Monday Tuesday Boston!

Bruins Winnipeg tonight @ 8

The team received some depressing news today, Rich Peverley will be out 4-6 weeks with a knee injury sustained during the Canadiens game. It was the result of a knee-to-knee collision with former B’s defenseman Hal Gill. His speed and playmaking ability will be missed but others are going to have to step up. Let’s see if the Bruins can get some momentum in the right direction after a nice win vs. the Habs. I’m expecting a strong performance from them tonight as they continue there six game road trip. Look for Pouliot to have a nice game as he is starting to gel nicely with Krejci and Looch.

In other news, Brad Marchand won’t be subject to a hearing with NHL principal Brendan Shanahan for his 2nd period hip check/clip in Montreal. No doubt he likes to play on the edge.

Projected Lineup:

Brad Marchand-Patrice Bergeron-Tyler Seguin
Milan Lucic-David Krejci-Benoit Pouliot
Josh Hennessy-Chris Kelly-Jordan Caron
Daniel Paille-Gregory Campbell-Shawn Thornton

Zdeno Chara-Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg-Joe Corvo
Andrew Ference-Adam McQuaid

Tuukka Rask
Tim Thomas

Will the Patriots Make the Super Bowl?

It’s that time of year again… The Patriots are 11-3 and in sole possession of first place in the AFC after having clinched the AFC East last week. The question most of you are wondering is as follows: Can the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl? It looks like the Patriots should have earned themselves a first round bye and potentially home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The latter part I see to be very important.

Going to Heinz field and facing a Steelers team that isn’t depleted by injuries is not an easy task and that was proven earlier this season. That doesn’t look to be the case though. If the Patriots do meet the Steelers in the playoffs they will have to come through Foxboro and it’s a whole different atmosphere for them. Roethlisberger looks very hurt and an injury like that can keep most players out for a few weeks. The Ravens could be a tough game, but Joe Flacco looks average at best, and even the Ravens defense can get beat by a good offense as that was shown Sunday night. The Texans don’t have the passing game to really take advantage of the terrible Patriots secondary like most teams can. As far as the rest of the AFC goes there isn’t any other team in the conference that would really scare me; especially if they are coming to Gillette.

The Patriots secondary is clearly their weakness and at times has been exposed but it works into the Patriots favor that the list of potential quarterbacks they could face in the AFC playoffs are headlined by Big Ben and followed with QB’s like T.J. Yates, Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, and Matt Hasselbeck.

Anything can happen in the NFL, but if I had to put my life savings down on a team to come out of the AFC, it would be the Pats.

Rex Ryan vs. New York

You know, I used to think Rex Ryan was a fantastic coach, especially for the Jets. I mean this guy has the charisma and swagger to actually survive in a city that chews people up and spits them out. He handles the media like a true New Yorker should, but as of late I really think that he is losing his touch. Every year, everybody is all over the “new and improved Jets” and how that this will finally be their year. Rex constantly makes some serious promises and goals, but everything seems to be coming up short. Is it me or does it still feel like Mark Sanchez is a rookie (and plays like one sometimes)? I know it’s his third year in the league, but I swear he just got drafted in April. With that being said, it appears that Rex has decided to back off the AFC East and is looking to pit the Jets against a new cross-town rival, the Giants. Last night, after coming off a truly demoralizing defeat to a very hot Philly squad, Rex had this to say about the upcoming match next week against the Giants: “There’s no way I’m going to be second fiddle. If we were playing the New York Yankees, I don’t want to be second fiddle to them. This is the same type of deal. I want to be the best team in football, not just the best team in this city. But we’ll start by being the best team in this city.” I really like the fire out of this guy, but at what point does an 8-6 record speak for itself? You can’t survive in the AFC with that. Every year we see the Jets losing to the same, consummate teams in the AFC after making a miraculous run late in the season to get into the playoffs. He is creating yet another rival for his Jets, trying to motivate them through his words to the media, but has this tactic worked yet? I hate to say it but if the Jets fail to at least make it to the Superbowl this year (which they won’t) I think it’s time to make some serious changes in that organization.

B’s Jet Lagged

Well it was a good run. After getting points in 15 straight games throughout the month of November and into early December, the Bruins finally met their match. The Jets. Aggravating when you think about it, but look at it this way. The pressure’s off now. We all knew the streak couldn’t last forever. We only lost 2-1, a close game and we didn’t have Seguin. Earlier in the day he had missed a team breakfast, presumably unintentionally, but still had to suffer the consequences. “Honest mistake,” Chiarelli said. “But we have team rules. He has to abide by them.” Regardless, the B’s can now feel a bit more relaxed without the bright spotlight of keeping the point streak alive. I expect them to have another strong month to cap off the year.


Tonight the Patriots capped off a solid weekend for Boston sports fans. The Bruins continued their much needed hot streak, and the Pat’s refused to lose their third straight to take their rightful position atop the AFC East. For the first time all season both sides of the ball came out firing, shutting up Rex Ryan and the overrated J-E-T-S. If we play out the season this way, we won’t be stopped. On a side note, it’s always good to see Eli fail miserably. Anyways, great overall Sunday of football.