Will the Patriots Make the Super Bowl?

It’s that time of year again… The Patriots are 11-3 and in sole possession of first place in the AFC after having clinched the AFC East last week. The question most of you are wondering is as follows: Can the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl? It looks like the Patriots should have earned themselves a first round bye and potentially home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The latter part I see to be very important.

Going to Heinz field and facing a Steelers team that isn’t depleted by injuries is not an easy task and that was proven earlier this season. That doesn’t look to be the case though. If the Patriots do meet the Steelers in the playoffs they will have to come through Foxboro and it’s a whole different atmosphere for them. Roethlisberger looks very hurt and an injury like that can keep most players out for a few weeks. The Ravens could be a tough game, but Joe Flacco looks average at best, and even the Ravens defense can get beat by a good offense as that was shown Sunday night. The Texans don’t have the passing game to really take advantage of the terrible Patriots secondary like most teams can. As far as the rest of the AFC goes there isn’t any other team in the conference that would really scare me; especially if they are coming to Gillette.

The Patriots secondary is clearly their weakness and at times has been exposed but it works into the Patriots favor that the list of potential quarterbacks they could face in the AFC playoffs are headlined by Big Ben and followed with QB’s like T.J. Yates, Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, and Matt Hasselbeck.

Anything can happen in the NFL, but if I had to put my life savings down on a team to come out of the AFC, it would be the Pats.

Tebow Time is Up

In the past week more than ever, Tim Tebow has been trending. And I’m not talking about Twitter (although he is). Tim Tebow is trending worldwide in everyday life. You can’t go anywhere without hearing a discussion about the mile high savior. With the Patriots – Broncos matchup this Sunday, everyone is putting Tebow up against Brady. Take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt because as much as I love the Pats, I am a Tebow fan (except this week). I like the guy’s competitive spirit and will to win. He’s done some magical stuff over the past few weeks, but there’s just no way you can put him next to Tom. I don’t see the fire staying lit beyond the New England Patriots. Let’s be honest, the Pats are going to put up numbers this week. They’re going to break down the Bronco defense and score points. We may not have the greatest defense out there, but Denver doesn’t put up points. They haven’t under Tebow all season. I mean last week against Chicago they had zero points entering the final few minutes of the game. There’s just no way the Pats lose this game Sunday. It was a good run Timmy, and maybe you can continue it next week. But for now, Tebow Time has expired.


Tebow vs. A Bronco Legend

Needless to say, there were some pretty incredible tweets/status updates about Tebow yesterday. One in particular I found pretty solid was from a Jewish kid: “If the Broncos win the Superbowl, I’ll debate becoming a Christian.” However, with that being said, I’m not going to post about how much a winner Tebow is – at this point it’s a no brainer. Nor how much he sounds like he’s 12 when he does a post game interview – seriously though if he says “believe” one more time I might dropkick him. Actually, I’m going to talk about raw stats on this one. There is still a heated debate as to the success of Tim Tebow in the quarterback position; even Brian Urlacher made the comment last night that he was a “Good running back.” The CEO of BSB, none other than Jimmy Tully himself, enlightened me with some pretty interesting statistics that were featured on ESPN back in November, and I did some more research of my own to compare Tim Tebow and the greatest Denver Bronco in history, John Elway. In Elway’s rookie season, he amassed a 4-6 record in 10 starts, threw for 1600 yards and change, 7TDS, 14 INTs and had an abysmal 52% QB rating. In Tebow’s coming out party, he’s 7-1 in 8 starts, has thrown for 1300, 11TDs, 2INTs and boasts an 83.9 passer rating. This also does not account for Tebow’s rushing skills, which if you could have guessed absolutely demolish Elway’s. I know that it is difficult to compare these two individuals, as Elway may have had more “Raw QB Talent,” but I think these numbers surprise even the biggest Tebow critic. The whole nation is rallying around this guy. Couple that with his will to win and his drive to improve? I like the sound of that.

Crazy Fan Gets Tebow Tattoo

So while browsing the web today I came across something I found to be a little bizarre. Ya I am on the Tim Tebow bandwagon. The guys a winner and has completely turned around the Broncos season.

I came across a Tebow fan that loves the guy so much he got a tattoo to prove it. I’m all for getting a tattoo of your favorite team or something along those lines, but a tattoo of a player that’s proven himself for 7 games? Come on’ guy. Not only is this borderline ridiculous, but the tattoo just looks terrible.If you look at the tattoo closely you can see there is just a helmet sitting on top of the guys chest. The guy doesn’t even have a head. Hopefully the name of the artist that did this tattoo doesn’t get released for the sake of his career.

Take a Knee

Tebowing – (verb) To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Tebow may have the most unorthodox way of conducting an offense, but he gets the job done. Passer ratings and personal statistics aside, the guy knows how to win. Last night he improved to 4-1 as a starter in the NFL and took down a top contender in the AFC East. (I used that term for emphasis because let’s be serious, the Jets are by no means a top contender.) Either way, how can anyone hate this guy? If anything he had to have gained some love from Pats fans, right? Sure he might seem a bit soft for a starting NFL quarterback and former college football stud, but he’s grown on me over the past few weeks and last night definitely helped his cause.