Tebow Time is Up

In the past week more than ever, Tim Tebow has been trending. And I’m not talking about Twitter (although he is). Tim Tebow is trending worldwide in everyday life. You can’t go anywhere without hearing a discussion about the mile high savior. With the Patriots – Broncos matchup this Sunday, everyone is putting Tebow up against Brady. Take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt because as much as I love the Pats, I am a Tebow fan (except this week). I like the guy’s competitive spirit and will to win. He’s done some magical stuff over the past few weeks, but there’s just no way you can put him next to Tom. I don’t see the fire staying lit beyond the New England Patriots. Let’s be honest, the Pats are going to put up numbers this week. They’re going to break down the Bronco defense and score points. We may not have the greatest defense out there, but Denver doesn’t put up points. They haven’t under Tebow all season. I mean last week against Chicago they had zero points entering the final few minutes of the game. There’s just no way the Pats lose this game Sunday. It was a good run Timmy, and maybe you can continue it next week. But for now, Tebow Time has expired.


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