Harrison Takes Frustration About Suspension to Twitter

The NFL upheld Steelers LB James Harrison’s attempt to appeal his one game suspension he received for leveling Browns QB Colt McCoy in a game last week. I’ll be the first to complain about the way the NFL has turned the Quarterback position into a position for girls, but once again Harrison took it too far. Apparently Harrison isn’t very thrilled about it and less than an hour ago he expressed his views via twitter.

@jharrison9292 James Harrison

“17 games,1000+ snaps, 100+ tackles, 12+sacks and 2 forces fumbles since my last incident and I get a suspension for a football play! ”

First, I want to congratulate Mr. Harrison on his two forced fumbles; very relevant to the matter. (John Abraham did that last night in one game.) Basically he is saying since he has been well behaved in the NFL for one season’s worth of games, he doesn’t deserve to get suspended when he steps out of line. A football play would have been to lower your shoulder and drive it into McCoy’s ribs for the tackle, not lead with your head and drill the defenseless QB with a helmet to helmet hit. Those are legitimate penalties and the NFL should continue to focus on those and not call a penalty when a defenders hand taps a quarterback’s helmet. I am all for a hard hit in the NFL, its part of the game, and it’s what makes the NFL what it is today. At the same time I am glad the NFL is cracking down on the guys like Harrison and Ndamukong Suh who don’t think twice about attempting to end players’ careers.

2 thoughts on “Harrison Takes Frustration About Suspension to Twitter

  1. Harrison could have done similar damage by wrapping him up at the waist and crushing him, but he went high to smash his face to oblivion. He deserves it. ps hes a poon for complaining on twitter.

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