Tebow Time? Probably Not.

The Patriots have signed Tim Tebow. If you are like me, you couldn’t care less. Unless you are in love with him, or absolutely hate him, you probably don’t care. When I heard about it yesterday afternoon, I was more confused than anything. Clearly, he’s not competing for the starting job, and most likely won’t even be a backup. And we obviously didn’t bring him031812_tebowbrady in for the circus that follows, cause Belichick will put an end to that real quick. So why sign him? They haven’t disclosed the contract details, but you gotta imagine we got him for a dollar and a donut, not much more. You can be sure of one thing, his publicity will end after the Press Conference to introduce him.

Maybe we’ll use him in short yardage runs to save Brady from the QB sneak? Maybe we can somehow turn him in to a Tight End (Edelmen was a QB before)? Maybe even use him as a defensive player? Doubtful. Maybe he just wants another chance to take someone’s sloppy seconds and fix their careers? We know that Belichick won’t let us know, regardless. Here’s a list of a few players that Bill has already done this with.

Wes Welker: We all know this story. Dolphins traded him to us for basically nothing, and he went on to be the star of the league for the next 5 seasons. Welker now has 8,580 yards receiving, 38 TD (37 with Pats). SUCCESS.

Randy Moss: Set record for TD’s in a season. Basically caught everything from Tom Brady in 2007. Great Career before, decent career after. Still a SUCCESS with the Pats.

Chad Ochocinco: Has since been arrested. Basically, a FAILURE.  Couldn’t read the playbook, did virtually nothing except make people buy his jersey and draft him to their fantasy teams for no reason.

Albert Haynesworth: One of the highest paid lineman of all time. Great in Tennessee. Went to Washington for a gigantic pay increase, and then got released after barely trying, and completely sucking. Bill signed him, and he did nothing. Total bust and FAILURE.

Danny Woodhead: Now with the Chargers. He was a fan favorite in Foxborough after being released by the Jets in 2010. He was the little engine who could. I consider him a SUCCESS.

There are clearly plenty of others too, just pointing out a few. Do you think Tebow will be a success or a failure? Guess we’ll see soon enough.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right – Tebow vs. Sanchez


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Since the Pats are playing the Jets on Thanksgiving, I figured it was only necessary to pay homage to our worthy adversaries. Try saying that out loud without laughing. Anyways, Patriot fans…enjoy! Similar Posts You’ll Enjoy

A New Savior in Denver

In the past six months the sports world has been overwhelmed with two triumphant stories of individual athletes who defied the odds. The most notable coming from the NFL in Tim Tebow and most recently in the NBA with Jeremy Lin. Each has caused a media frenzy that I don’t think any of us have seen before. Tebow Mania, Bronco’s Savior, Linsanity, Super Lintendo. The list of puns and corny titles go on. But the two “Cinderella” stories have since died down. We all know what happened to Tebow when he stepped foot on the turf at Gillette Stadium in the playoffs and the hype around Jeremy Lin has since settled down, as the Knicks have been on a skid. But once again, Tebow finds himself in the headlines in a much different way.

At the end of the Bronco’s season, John Elway announced that Tebow would be the team’s starting QB heading into next year. Sorry Timmy, but I don’t exactly see that happening any more. With Peyton Manning now heading to Denver, I think even Tebow knew to start packing his bags. In a way, you gotta feel bad for the guy. Then again, it’s pretty funny. Tebow spent all season winning games in the most unlikely ways, gaining an immense fan base in no time, and redefining the phrase “becoming a household name”. But it has to be rough with all the progress he’s made and what he did for the Denver organization to be put in a position to expectedly get ousted in a heartbeat by Manning. Although painful, I’m sure Tebow won’t even argue with his replacement, I mean who could? Don’t get me wrong, I can’t hate on Tebow. He’s clearly a good guy and he showed he could win (some games) but the Pat’s certainly put him in his place in the playoffs, so no hard feelings. Nothing definite has happened with his place in Denver or potential trade, but I’m sure once things begin panning out as to where he will end up, Tebow will once again be the sole topic of ESPN.

A New Tebow?

Well hello again everyone. Sorry I’ve been a little absent this month, and by absent I mean non existent, but the real world is upon me. Don’t worry, I’ll still sprinkle some articles in here and there, but I’ll sadly be the background of BSB as we emerge as one of the leading blogs in our field.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, there may be a new Tebow among us. Jeremy Lin, the Harvard economics grad and new Knicks sensation, is currently the trend on ESPN and Twitter (see #linsanity). This guy is playing absolutely out of his mind and he’s on a team dominated by two prima donnas. With Melo out, this guy has taken the reigns and has totally overshadowed his only healthy counterpart, Amare Stoudamire. In his first five games, he’s accomplished something that no other player has ever done (average 20+ points and 7+ assists in his first five starts), and oh by the way, this guy is averaging 26.8 ppg and 8.5 assists in the last 6 games, all of which have been wins. In a season that was supposed to be a real breakout year for the Knicks (although I think the last 7 seasons were defined as that, too) it’s incredible to see a guy from the Ivy League put the team on his back.

This guy is solving the Global Debt Crisis by day and hitting game winning tres by night. God shouldn’t create people like this, it’s not fair. Either be incredibly athletic or extremely smart, not both (Shaq and Sir Charles Barkely being the ideal examples here).

Anyway, there has been rumor that this guy is the new Tebow because he is a new sensation who is winning. Floyd Mayweather made some pretty ignorant comments on twitter about Lin, only to be ripped by Spike Lee the next night – who I normally can’t stand but was 100% right. The big difference between Tebow and Lin is the fact that Lin is truly winning these games for his team. Tebow had the crutch of the defense to lean on and The Holy Spirit, meanwhile Lin has an injury riddled Knicks squad and lives in a city ruled by Satin.

Either way, this cat can ball. 6-0 in his first six starts, and he’s playing the same amount of minutes as Kobe and more than Lebron. Jeremy Lin is on the cusp of becoming the new Prince of NY (Jay Z is still the king, common son) and has given hope to the Madison Square Garden faithful.

Crazy Fan Gets Tebow Tattoo

So while browsing the web today I came across something I found to be a little bizarre. Ya I am on the Tim Tebow bandwagon. The guys a winner and has completely turned around the Broncos season.

I came across a Tebow fan that loves the guy so much he got a tattoo to prove it. I’m all for getting a tattoo of your favorite team or something along those lines, but a tattoo of a player that’s proven himself for 7 games? Come on’ guy. Not only is this borderline ridiculous, but the tattoo just looks terrible.If you look at the tattoo closely you can see there is just a helmet sitting on top of the guys chest. The guy doesn’t even have a head. Hopefully the name of the artist that did this tattoo doesn’t get released for the sake of his career.