Issues with Fireman Ed’s Departure

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the big news out of New York…Fireman Ed has stepped down. The stereotype of an arrogant New York fan, who celebrates rooting for the most embarrassing franchise in the NFL, has had enough, writing a formal resignation letter to the public.

I’ve got two issues with this letter. First and most clearly – the statement of his regarding “the greatest chant in all of sports”. Alright. A humorous statement to say the very least. I think he has that mistaken with the most ridiculed chant in all of sports. I don’t even remember the last time Jets fan were cheering anything but “Put Tebow in!” Actually, J – E – T – S, Suck! Suck! Suck! is arguably more popular than both.

Second, it’s clear that this has been one of the most controversial times for the Jets, but they’ve had worse seasons. Fireman Ed, or I guess just Ed now, is putting the blame on his own constituents, claiming he has had enough of the ridicule regarding the Sanchez vs. Tebow debate. My issue lies in the fact that you know he’ll be back. Enough with the dramatic exit. Maybe not this year, but hypothetically speaking, if the Jets win the first two games next season, Rex will claim they are going to win the Superbowl and Ed will be once again known as Fireman Ed. Can’t take the heat when things get tough but one sign of a decent season and Ed will be back. Cowardly if you ask me. His team needs him now more than ever and he’s bailing on them. I mean I love what happened Thanksgiving night, don’t get me wrong. But at least give us some sort of competition. I’m ashamed for you Ed. SuperFat would stick with the Pats through thick and thin. Step your shit up.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right – Tebow vs. Sanchez


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Since the Pats are playing the Jets on Thanksgiving, I figured it was only necessary to pay homage to our worthy adversaries. Try saying that out loud without laughing. Anyways, Patriot fans…enjoy! Similar Posts You’ll Enjoy

College Round Up

Kemba who?? UConn extended their win streak to 16 games which dates back to their championship run last season with 23 points from each of their sophomore guards.

“Shabazz Napier and Jeremy Lamb held off pesky UNC Asheville — and showed again that Connecticut might have the best backcourt tandem in the country.” –ESPN

The Texas Longhorn football team also came back with a late field goal to win their rivalry game against A&M on turkey day 27-25.  Even though Colt McCoy’s brother did next to nothing to help (just over 100 yards in the air), they still prevailed. Their lone TD in the air came from a 41 yard bomb from their wide receiver.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is currently enjoying a nice food coma!

Thanksgiving Day Pick Em’ – Week 12

Pretty hard to believe it is already week 12 and the Thanksgiving games are upon us, but here are my predictions and analysis of the three excellent games tomorrow.

Thursday November 24, 2011

Packers @ Lions 12:30 PM

This game is the first one of Thanksgiving day, and probably going to be the most exciting. A battle of two stellar offenses and two mediocre defenses. I’m not completely on the Packers bandwagon yet. Yes, they are 10-0 but that does not make them a lock to win every week, and I’m certainly not handing them the Lombardi trophy just yet. Last weeks game showed that their defense has its holes. The Packers are the Packers, they are not the 2007 Patriots. They both have very similar offenses as the patriots averaged 36.8 points per game, and the Packers are at 35.5. The main difference is this; the Patriots of 07′ outscored their opponents by 19.7 points per game, this years Packers are outscoring their opponents at a rate of 14.3. The main difference: Defense. Also the same reason of why the Lions have a prayer in hell this week. With Stafford tossing the ball up to Megatron, anything is possible. The Lions bounced back after a miserable first half last week and were able to get the victory against a weak Carolina team, but their defense didn’t look superior to the Packers D.

Analysis: The Packers offense is better than that of the Lions. Both defenses are similar. I’m going with the packers in a shootout, and a fake Ford Field Leap by Jordy Nelson.

Prediction: Packers 34 Lions 27


Dolphins @ Cowboys 4:15 PM

The Fin’s have outscored their opponents 86-20 the previous three weeks, although they have faced Buffalo, Washington, and Kansas City, which in all honesty doesn’t say much. After an 0-7 start to the season it looks like Tony Sparano might be trying to save his job, the season on the other hand was lost back in the early weeks of the season. I still have a bold prediction that Miami will finish tied, or above the fake Buffalo Bills by the end of the season. They showed who was the better team when they stomped all over them 35-8 last week. Reggie Bush is looking to revive his career after a rather disappointed professional career so far. Matt Moore is looking to be more comfortable with his receivers, and definitely looks in a groove with TE Anthony Fasano.

The Cowboys I still believe have the potential to be one of the elite teams in the NFC. They are the best in their division and after the Bears’ Jay Cutler went down last week, they may be the number two team in the whole conference. Their offense is explosive, and they have Demarcus Ware on the defensive side, teaming up with defensive mastermind Rob Ryan. They have shown they can stop a prolific offense when they almost beat New England at Gillette earlier this season.

Analysis: The Cowboys are still too powerful for a Miami team that has won three in a row, but against opponents that are on a season downfall. Dallas won’t lose to a team like Miami at home on Thanksgiving. Dallas improves to 7-4.

Prediction: Dallas 31 Miami 16


49ers @ Ravens 8:20PM

This game is everything the first game of the day is not. A battle of defenses. In the first meeting between head-coaching siblings ever in NFL history this one should certainly be an exciting game to watch.

The key of the game for the Ravens is to not turn the ball over, which hasn’t exactly been easy for 49ers opponents so far this season. The 49ers defense has 15 interceptions this year, which isn’t exactly good news for Joe Flacco. Flacco has been average this year with only throwing 8 interceptions, but he might be able to consider himself lucky if he covers a spread of 1 1/2 ints. tomorrow.

The 49ers need to stick with the run game and allow Alex Smith to continue to put them in situations to win games, or better yet, not to lose them. He’s clearly done his job this year as the niners are 9-1 and haven’t had any speculation of any type of QB controversy this season, considering going into the season no one knew who would be under center for the niners.

Analysis: Jim wins this one. I just think the 49ers defense with Patrick Willis sticks it out and gets the victory. Don’t expect a blowout of any sort, and I wouldn’t exactly bet the over on this one. I’m just as excited for the post-game handshake as I am for the real game.

Prediction: 49ers 17  Ravens 16