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Is it me or did the NFL season just fly by? I mean I can’t believe we’re one day away from the the Wild Card games. Either way, it’s Friday and here’s a little something to help you get through … Continue reading

Celtics Player Preview: Paul Pierce

Next up for our player preview is Paul Pierce.

Brandon Bass | Courtney Lee | Paul Pierce

Our captain has been around for 14 years, and stuck with the team even when we sucked. Nicknamed The Truth, Pierce is still one of the most clutch players in the league and one of the best players in Celtics history, and that’s saying a lot. Bleacher Report came out with the all-time best Celtics and made a starting line up. Pierce was chosen for this accolade along with Bill Russell (11 titles), Bob Cousy (6 titles), John Havlicek (8 titles), and Larry Bird (3 titles). Other than the fact that he only has 1 title, Pierce deserves to be up here, and is behind only Havlicek on the scoring list all time. He is still about 4,000 points behind him, though.

Pierce was recently ranked as the 29th best player in the NBA.  Pierce’s assists and points numbers have gone up last season compared to what they were in the past few seasons.

He is still one of the best players on this team and some say this may be his last season in green, but I’m willing to bet that we re-sign him, and he deserves it after all that he has done for the organization. He deserves, more than anyone, to retire as a Celtic, and Danny Ainge will most certainly feel the same way. His number 34 will be retired in no time. His stats are below, but i only put the last few seasons, since the former big 3 was formed and he was forced to take on a smaller role.

’07-’08 BOS 80 80 35.9 0.464 0.392 0.843 0.7 4.5 5.2 4.5 0.5 1.3 19.6
’08-’09 BOS 81 81 37.5 0.457 0.391 0.83 0.7 5 5.7 3.6 0.3 1 20.5
’09-’10 BOS 71 71 34 0.472 0.414 0.852 0.6 3.8 4.3 3.1 0.4 1.2 18.3
’10-’11 BOS 80 80 34.7 0.497 0.374 0.86 0.4 5 5.4 3.3 0.6 1 18.9
’11-’12 BOS 61 61 34 0.443 0.366 0.852 0.6 4.6 5.2 4.5 0.4 1.1 19.4

Big Day for the Pats

Just a quick overview of a busy Tuesday for the Patriots team that had a bye week on Sunday. ( I refuse to admit that we lost against the Cardinals with Kevin Kolb behind center)

1. Deion Branch has reached an agreement to come back to the Patriots. Most saw this coming from a mile away. And now with Hernandez going down, we needed someone else who was familiar with our system. As a former Super Bowl MVP and one of Tom Brady’s favorite players to be around, this is a big move for the Pats that all fans should love.  Branch had 702 yards last season and 5 Touchdowns. New England left his locker exactly the same as when he left, something they failed to do with the hopeful return of Brian Waters.

2. Kellen Winslow reached a deal with the Pats to help immediately in place or Hernandez. Winslow has caught for more than 1100 yards in a season with the Browns, and 4 other 700+ yard seasons with the Bucaneers/Browns.

3. The Pats released WR Greg Salas to make room for Branch on the roster. He played for McDaniels at St. Louis last season and quickly became one of there most reliable players. He has been hurt for a while but the Pats will not rule out bringing him back later in the season to keep him around our system. He is only 24 years old out of Hawaii and had 264 yards in only 6 games last season but he averaged 9.8 yards per catch.
More on this tomorrow!

Rondo Interns at GQ

Well it was a tough weekend for the Patriots coming up short to the Cardinals, topped off with the loss of Hernandez. Not that it comes to a surprise or matters to anyone around Boston at this point, but the Red Sox are officially out of the playoffs. And to continue with the enlightening Boston sports news, the NHL is in day 3 of their lockout and no signs of hope are anywhere to be found. With the disappointment of two teams currently in play and one we should be getting geared up for but aren’t, there’s not a whole lot to talk about this week. Or rather, that I want to talk about. We’re moving on with the Pats. The week 2 loss is over and we’re headed for greener pastures. The only thing to look forward to with the Sox is April 2013. And finally I just don’t think I can handle covering another professional sports lockout in under a year. Desperate times call for desperate measures. In an attempt to prematurely get excited for the Celts season and to avoid discussing this difficult week in Boston sports, here’s an irrelevant, slightly outdated video recap of Rondo’s offseason venture as GQ’s bitch, I mean intern.

NHL Locking Out?

The NHL’s current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires in just less than two months.  So far, the players like what they are getting, but the owners want more.  The rich trying to get richer, sound familiar? (See NBA/NFL negotiations). The last report shows that the players would make 46% of the revenue for the league, when they made 57% last season. Contracts would also be limited to 5 years in the new proposal.  This is a big difference seeing as Zach Parise and Ryan suter both just signed 13 year deals with the Wild, worth $98 million each.

This sucks. Hockey is just becoming very popular again, especially after the playoffs of the past few seasons.  They already cancelled the 2004-05 season, due to negotiating problems. Commissioner Gary Bettman is actually a pretty decent guy, especially compared to NBA commissioner David Stern.  He said openly that he sees the players as 50-50 partners with the owners.

Since the season is starting on October 11 (hopefully), there isn’t all that much time to get things done.  All we need is another lockout to ruin yet another sport.

Bears Have No Interest in Favre

According to sources the Chicago Bears have no interest in signing retired QB Brett Favre. Why wouldn’t you give the guy a shot? Lets clear one thing up first, I believe it is in Favres best interest to stay retired because if he were to fail it would just be another chance for the media to take a shot at his legacy. As for the Bears, I would want the guy. Better yet I would want anyone other than Caleb Hanie. The Bears have a legitimate playoff shot, but with Hanie under center they might not even win another game. What do they have to lose? If they bring in a QB like Favre or McNabb and they succeed; Lovie Smith will look like a genius. If they fail, at least they gave it a shot with someone other than a guy that has 6 interceptions in two games. It’s do or die time for the Bears. They have a quality defense that can overshadow a mediocre offense to make a legitimate playoff push. What they do with their quarterback situation this week will show their fans how dedicated they are to making this season a success.

MNF Pick ‘Em – Week 13

Monday, December 5, 2011

Chargers @ Jaguars 8:30PM

Tonight the disappointing chargers will be taking on the struggling Jaguars. Neither teams’ season has gone as planned, but for the chargers this certainly wasn’t expected. Philip Rivers and the chargers should come out on top tonight against a team that has essentially no passing attack. The Jaguars will attempt to lean on Maurice Jones-drew but it just wont be enough if they get down early.

Prediction: Chargers 27 Jaguars 13


Lil Wayne – Boston Celtics Lollipop Remix

It’s a few years old, but with the Celts season quickly approaching, I figured it’d be a good flashback. Check below the video for lyrics and props to @CelticsFans for the tip.


My Celtics baby. #17 yo we got another banner. Gonna put it in the rafters. LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. [Chorus] Kobe Bryant sucks, Boston tears it up, We the champions there ain’t no stopping us see now we #1. Kobe really sucks, Celtics tear it up, we the champions there ain’t no stopping us see now we #1. [Verse 1] Ok the Celtics we the champs right now. We got the Big 3 beat LA to the ground. Ray-Ray, P, KG getting down. Best record in the league but the haters still doubt. Perk doing work. Rondo so thur. House in your mouth. Posey that’s murder. Three’s raining down like unh-unh, Pierce driving through the lane like dunk-dunk. [Hook] Mr. MVP I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop, I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. I say the LL-Lakers got the molliwhop. [Chorus] Kobe Bryant sucks. Boston tears it up. We the champions there ain’t no stopping us see now we #1. Kobe really sucks, Celtics tear it up, we the champions there ain’t no stopping us see now we #1. [Verse 2] What you gon’ do when the Celtics get hot and they’re dropping them, we hittin’ every shot. Ohhh the Lakers try to stop us. They got rocked. Kobe said the team that he with can’t win. Kobe want a trade ’cause the Lakers ain’t ****. Got a couple players but you still ain’t ****. (Pau Gasol?) Kobe crying, crying like a little *****.

McNabb Goes Unclaimed

Donovan McNabb went unclaimed last week by all 32 NFL teams and is now currently a free agent. The fact that there are so many teams in need of a veteran QB and no one took a shot at the veteran McNabb just baffles me. What about the Texans? For the first time in the history of the franchise they have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and even make a serious playoff run. They have a great running back, and one of the leagues best defenses yet they are satisfied with T.J. Yates starting the rest of the season. Yes, they picked up Jake Delhomme, but would you really rather start Jake Delhomme over McNabb? Not only do I believe McNabb is better than either of the two options in Houston, but he has the playoff experience. Delhomme started the first 4 games last year for the Browns before being benched for rookie Colt McCoy. He threw 2 touchdowns and had 7 interceptions. McNabb wasn’t great for the Vikings this year, but he still threw 4 TD’s and only 2 interceptions in the 6 games he started. McNabb will manage the game for you and keep your team in it. He is much less likely to cost his team a victory than untested rookie T.J Yates or washed up Jake Delhomme. If I were a Texans fan I would be very disappointed that they passed up on an opportunity to save their season.