McNabb Goes Unclaimed

Donovan McNabb went unclaimed last week by all 32 NFL teams and is now currently a free agent. The fact that there are so many teams in need of a veteran QB and no one took a shot at the veteran McNabb just baffles me. What about the Texans? For the first time in the history of the franchise they have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and even make a serious playoff run. They have a great running back, and one of the leagues best defenses yet they are satisfied with T.J. Yates starting the rest of the season. Yes, they picked up Jake Delhomme, but would you really rather start Jake Delhomme over McNabb? Not only do I believe McNabb is better than either of the two options in Houston, but he has the playoff experience. Delhomme started the first 4 games last year for the Browns before being benched for rookie Colt McCoy. He threw 2 touchdowns and had 7 interceptions. McNabb wasn’t great for the Vikings this year, but he still threw 4 TD’s and only 2 interceptions in the 6 games he started. McNabb will manage the game for you and keep your team in it. He is much less likely to cost his team a victory than untested rookie T.J Yates or washed up Jake Delhomme. If I were a Texans fan I would be very disappointed that they passed up on an opportunity to save their season.

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