Bears Have No Interest in Favre

According to sources the Chicago Bears have no interest in signing retired QB Brett Favre. Why wouldn’t you give the guy a shot? Lets clear one thing up first, I believe it is in Favres best interest to stay retired because if he were to fail it would just be another chance for the media to take a shot at his legacy. As for the Bears, I would want the guy. Better yet I would want anyone other than Caleb Hanie. The Bears have a legitimate playoff shot, but with Hanie under center they might not even win another game. What do they have to lose? If they bring in a QB like Favre or McNabb and they succeed; Lovie Smith will look like a genius. If they fail, at least they gave it a shot with someone other than a guy that has 6 interceptions in two games. It’s do or die time for the Bears. They have a quality defense that can overshadow a mediocre offense to make a legitimate playoff push. What they do with their quarterback situation this week will show their fans how dedicated they are to making this season a success.