Bears Have No Interest in Favre

According to sources the Chicago Bears have no interest in signing retired QB Brett Favre. Why wouldn’t you give the guy a shot? Lets clear one thing up first, I believe it is in Favres best interest to stay retired because if he were to fail it would just be another chance for the media to take a shot at his legacy. As for the Bears, I would want the guy. Better yet I would want anyone other than Caleb Hanie. The Bears have a legitimate playoff shot, but with Hanie under center they might not even win another game. What do they have to lose? If they bring in a QB like Favre or McNabb and they succeed; Lovie Smith will look like a genius. If they fail, at least they gave it a shot with someone other than a guy that has 6 interceptions in two games. It’s do or die time for the Bears. They have a quality defense that can overshadow a mediocre offense to make a legitimate playoff push. What they do with their quarterback situation this week will show their fans how dedicated they are to making this season a success.

4 thoughts on “Bears Have No Interest in Favre

  1. Youve got to be kidding i can see an argument with them denying mcnabb but youve got to be kidding about favre. Guys like 44 years old shit the bed last year oh and he cant take hits like he used to. Remember the bears oline let up like 6sacks a game favre is a bum and an attention whore guy needs to retire and become a qb coach or something realistic

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