NHL Locking Out?

The NHL’s current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires in just less than two months.  So far, the players like what they are getting, but the owners want more.  The rich trying to get richer, sound familiar? (See NBA/NFL negotiations). The last report shows that the players would make 46% of the revenue for the league, when they made 57% last season. Contracts would also be limited to 5 years in the new proposal.  This is a big difference seeing as Zach Parise and Ryan suter both just signed 13 year deals with the Wild, worth $98 million each.

This sucks. Hockey is just becoming very popular again, especially after the playoffs of the past few seasons.  They already cancelled the 2004-05 season, due to negotiating problems. Commissioner Gary Bettman is actually a pretty decent guy, especially compared to NBA commissioner David Stern.  He said openly that he sees the players as 50-50 partners with the owners.

Since the season is starting on October 11 (hopefully), there isn’t all that much time to get things done.  All we need is another lockout to ruin yet another sport.

Hey, Hey, Hey…Good-Bye

I can only blame myself for being upset today. This lockout’s been a rollercoaster ride from the beginning. I’ve had days when I doubted the potential season and days when I was so optimistic I thought it would be resolved on the spot. Finally, over the last few weeks I’ve resorted to mere hope, and for that I consider myself foolish. The whole situation is horrendous with millionaires fighting billionaires. Here’s a tip for both sides. Owners (who I put most of the blame on for this whole deal): You have already won the battle. Your employees have sacrificed millions of dollars to make you happy/make up for your OWN losses, and it still wasn’t enough. Players: You are getting paid to play a sport that you love and that others love watching you play.  As whole, this league needed the lockout to result in a season more than ever. Both sides have let down a countless number of workers who rely on NBA games for their livelihood and millions of fans who have given countless amounts of money over the past century to see you guys play. Sad day in history for the NBA. Sad, sad day.

Looming Doomsday

The NBA Lockout: A matter that aggravates just about everyone who enjoys basketball. I’ve been trying to avoid talking about the lockout because in hindsight, nothing has been going on. It’s been an endless cycle of scheduling meetings, “hope” from inside sources, meetings running 15+ hours for three days straight, even more “hope”, then it all blows up within hours and sides are even further apart, repeat. Now I could go into the details about the BRI and the entire CBA discussions but there’s no use. The owners have already won this lockout in a landslide victory. Now they’re just rubbing it in. Chris Mannix (@ChrisMannixSI) of SI.com dives into the details in his article, “Owners to Blame if Season’s Lost”. And on a side note, the second to last paragraph is on point! If a deal isn’t made today, you can kiss the season goodbye.