Looming Doomsday

The NBA Lockout: A matter that aggravates just about everyone who enjoys basketball. I’ve been trying to avoid talking about the lockout because in hindsight, nothing has been going on. It’s been an endless cycle of scheduling meetings, “hope” from inside sources, meetings running 15+ hours for three days straight, even more “hope”, then it all blows up within hours and sides are even further apart, repeat. Now I could go into the details about the BRI and the entire CBA discussions but there’s no use. The owners have already won this lockout in a landslide victory. Now they’re just rubbing it in. Chris Mannix (@ChrisMannixSI) of SI.com dives into the details in his article, “Owners to Blame if Season’s Lost”. And on a side note, the second to last paragraph is on point! If a deal isn’t made today, you can kiss the season goodbye.


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