Rondo Interns at GQ

Well it was a tough weekend for the Patriots coming up short to the Cardinals, topped off with the loss of Hernandez. Not that it comes to a surprise or matters to anyone around Boston at this point, but the Red Sox are officially out of the playoffs. And to continue with the enlightening Boston sports news, the NHL is in day 3 of their lockout and no signs of hope are anywhere to be found. With the disappointment of two teams currently in play and one we should be getting geared up for but aren’t, there’s not a whole lot to talk about this week. Or rather, that I want to talk about. We’re moving on with the Pats. The week 2 loss is over and we’re headed for greener pastures. The only thing to look forward to with the Sox is April 2013. And finally I just don’t think I can handle covering another professional sports lockout in under a year. Desperate times call for desperate measures. In an attempt to prematurely get excited for the Celts season and to avoid discussing this difficult week in Boston sports, here’s an irrelevant, slightly outdated video recap of Rondo’s offseason venture as GQ’s bitch, I mean intern.