Patriots Offseason: QB Situation

Well the season certainly did not end the way we were all looking forward to, but nevertheless its over and time to move onto the offseason. Each day for the next few weeks I will go position by position evaluating the talent and depth at each position, as well as ways the Patriots can improve at each of them.

Quarterback: Tom Brady is obviously the starter for the next few seasons and there is no debate there. The backup position however is certainly under question though. Brian Hoyer is a restricted free agent this offseason meaning the Patriots have many ways to keep him. I look at this as a similar situation to Matt Cassel but without that year of experience Cassel had. The Pats would love to keep Hoyer but with many other needs on the team this offseason they will not overspend for a backup QB. I think the Patriots may have realized they won’t be able to keep him and that’s why they drafted Ryan Mallet. Whether the Patriots plan to have Mallet be Brady’s predecessor has yet to be determined. I expect Hoyer to be playing elsewhere next season and the Patriots will reach out to a veteran backup to help season Mallet.

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