Today is a Good Day in Gronk Nation

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski showed up for media day at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis today minus one thing he’s had all week: His Walking Boot.

20120131-112735.jpgThis is great news for Patriots nation, as easily their most explosive talent on the offensive side of the ball seems to be ahead of schedule rehabbing from his high ankle sprain suffered during last weeks 23-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens, and is more than likely on track to play in this Sundays Super Bowl showdown. Gronk lists himself as “day-to-day”. Tom Brady added, “He’s making progress. He’s out of his boot, which makes me feel a lot better. Damn right this makes Brady feel a lot better.”

He knows having Gronk out there gives them a much better chance to win Sunday. The guy is an absolute freak. He possesses the combination of size, speed and just pure talent that hasn’t been seen from the Tight End position since Tony Gonzalez back in the early 2000’s. The Pat’s will more than likely hold Gronk out of practice for the rest of the week until the team walk-through Saturday. Whatever needs to be done to get this monster on the field Sunday will be done. Maybe Belichick should call up Bibi Jones to have her help heal Gronk.


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