Patriots vs. Giants: Tight Ends

Two more days til’ the big day, and the good news keeps coming from Indy. Rob Gronkowski will be playing in the Super Bowl Sunday barring any major setbacks to his left ankle injury. We are going to be squeezing in a few comparisons in one day today, so keep checking back! First we will take a look at Tight Ends. Not too much compare here, but I guess I can take the time to further emphasize how great these Patriots tight ends really are.

Let me begin with stating that Jake Ballard is a quality tight end. Ballard caught for over 600 yards and as a Giants fan you have to be satisfied with that. Ballard; at 6’6” is a huge target and Eli often looks his way. Ballard’s stats are somewhat deflated because of how many targets Manning has to spread the ball around too. Ballard is a surprisingly consistent threat when it comes to deeper passes, which is a rarity from the tight end position. Ballard has the potential to sneakily be a key contributor in this week’s game if he gets matched up with the primarily run stopping Brandon Spikes.

Overall Grade: B-

20120203-120702.jpgWhere to begin? This two-headed monster the Patriots possess is something that has possibly never been seen, and never will be seen again in the NFL. The Patriots duo combined for 169 receptions, 2,237 yards and 24 touchdowns. Gronk often overshadows Hernandez but Hernandez really is a top five talent at his position. He has great speed and is as versatile as they come. Hernandez best attribute might be his ability to make players miss after the catch. I guess we can go onto Gronk now, as if you haven’t heard enough already the past couple weeks. Gronkowski recorded 17 touchdowns as he smashed the single season touchdown record by a tight end. Even with the injured ankle I still expect Gronk to be a huge factor Sunday. If double coverage can’t slow him down I don’t think a sprained ankle will.

Overall Grade: A+

Edge: Patriots

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