She’s the Man – Alli B.

How To Watch the Super Bowl With Your Girlfriend

Do you immediately start laughing at your girl when she talks football? Don’t flatter yourselves guys. Over 1,000 people were surveyed through an online study conducted by Atlanta Journal-Constitution who confirmed that 73% of women would rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex. Guys on the other hand were split 50/50 when asked which activity they’d prefer on this upcoming Sunday. Ask yourself this- where does my loyalty rest?

Believe it or not, women have started placing Super Bowl bets just as often as men. These bets may not be the standard ones like who will actually win the game, but rather, “Will Madonna play Like a Virgin at Halftime?” “Will Kelly Clarkson mess up the National Anthem?” Guys, keep your hundred dollar bets on whether the final score will end in a 3 and a 7, but dish out the extra $5 to go up against your girl.

Competition and hostility are trivial aspects of football that can be expressed in varying ways amongst both males and females. Trust me, your true colors shine when you start screaming every profane word you’ve ever heard in your life in a never ending sentence of vulgarity. Whether you actually do that or not, sporting events such as the Super Bowl are meant to bring us together! So if you’re crushing 30-40 wings or nibbling on Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip (ladies I suggest the recipe from SarahFit), remember that we’re all in this together- GO PATS!

P.S. Listen up ladies. Do not wear a pink jersey. Do not drink wine. Drink beer only out of a bottle or in a red cup. Do your homework and know the QBs on each team. Do not ask questions during play. Party on!

-Alli B.

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