Patriots Offseason Q&A


So I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the internet about the Patriots recently and there have been a lot of fan questions about the Patriots and primarily their most recent offseason moves so I figured it was worth my time to put together an article answering some of the most frequent questions.

What are the Patriots plans at the Wide Receiver position after their most recent signings?

The Patriots have made several Wide Receiver moves so far this offseason; with the most notable move being the signing of Brandon Lloyd. The Patriots have an abundance of bodies at the receiver position and clearly they all won’t be able to be on the roster come opening day. What their exact plan is no one can tell. Chad Ochocinco restructured his contract recently to take a pay cut, which in my eyes would be viewed as a sign that he might be back for round two. Anthony Gonzalez is frequently injured but when healthy has potential to be a solid option. The re-signing of Deion Branch was a surprise to me, especially after the signing of Lloyd. I’m not convinced Stallworth will make the team but even that is still a possibility. The bottom line is someone has to get cut/traded. It hurts to even think about it; but with the depth the Patriots have at the position now it could be an option that Welker is traded or released. In no way am I saying Anthony Gonzalez is Welker talent, but if he can get the job done at the same position as Welker I don’t see a purpose in paying Wes over $9mil this season. I believe a lot of the restructured contracts could be leading to a record breaking deal for Gronk. Even without Welker Brady will have plenty of options to go to so if you can use the money elsewhere (AKA defense) I would certainly do it.

Who will carry the load for the Patriots at Running Back?

With Green-Ellis signing with the Bengals the Patriots are left without any experience at the Running Back position. Ridley showed flashes of talent but is fumble prone and that certainly won’t fare well with Bellichick if it continues. Shane Vereen may be a viable option if healthy also. Woodhead is certainly not an every down back in the NFL either. Don’t hold your breath that the Pats will sign that every down back everyone has hoped for since the retirement of Corey Dillon. The Patriots will more than likely use a running back by committee type of game plan which isn’t anything new to them. I’m assuming the Patriots will bring in the Sammy Morris or Lamont Jordan type of veteran to take a few carries and add depth to the position, but don’t expect much.  The Pats don’t rely on the run game like some teams so I don’t see this being a major concern.

What will the Patriots do with their four picks in the first two rounds?

My bet is the Patriots will more than likely trade one or two of the picks like they always do. Something like one of their first rounder’s this year for a third this year and a first next year. Let’s say the Pats change their style up a bit and use all their picks.

Pick No. 27 : The Patriots will more than likely address the defensive side of the ball early and often in the draft so here are a few of their options with this pick.

Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina

Gilmore has good size for a corner standing at 6’1” and has experience at the college level.  He lacks elite speed but with the right coaching he could get by with what he has and be a solid NFL cornerback.

Nick Perry, DE/OLD USC 

Perry is a solid pass rusher and would be a great fit for the Patriots 3-4 defense.

Pick No. 31: The Patriots will probably stick with defense with this pick. I’m thinking they go with a linebacker and then some secondary help with their first two picks.

Mark Barron, S Alabama

Barron has serious talent and was one of the best safeties in the country as a sophomore two years ago. Barron is a three year starter and could be a steal at this pick. He is a hard hitter and has good size for a safety. If Barron is still here I don’t see any way the Pats take anyone else.

Pick No. 48: The Pats will probably also go defense with this pick. They have many holes on that side of the ball.

Vinny Curry, DE/OLB Marshall

Curry has a great combination of speed and size which makes him a very versatile player and that is something Bellichick loves. Curry put up phenomenal numbers in college but those stats can also be skewed seeing as he played in a weak conference.

Harrison Smith, SS Notre Dame

If the Pats don’t take a safety in the first round expect them to take one here.  Smith is a smart player who doesn’t get beat deep often.

Pick No. 63


Brandon Boykin, CB Georgia

Trumaine Johnson, CB/S Montana

Chase Minnifield, CB Virginia

That’s all for today folks. If you have any Patriots questions for us leave them

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