Theo Making Moves

Welp, it looks like Epstein is making moves on Red Sox prospects before they have a chance. Theo just snagged Milwaukee hitting coach, Dale Sveum, from the Red Sox short list of manager potentials, many saying that this was the Sox’s top choice. Now, besides the fact that this guy’s name is Dale and he has a whopping 7-5 record in his managerial career, I’m pretty excited to see how this guy can turn around one of the most dismal franchises in the MLB. He knows how to win – 2 championships in 2004 and 2008 – and he turned the Brewers into a hitting machine and a playoff team.

What does this mean for the Red Sox? Seeing how their prospective manager list is pretty dismal and none of their top three prospects have real managerial experience in the majors, I think it’s time to open up the interview process again. Now, Francona didn’t get hired until December in ’03, but after last season they need to bring in somebody who can raise the clubhouse drinking age to 40 so Varitek is the only one who can consume. And someone who can actually convert superstars into winners.

On a side note, new Sox GM Ben Cherington is heading out of the country for a much needed breather. Wait a second…who is Ben Cherington and what has he done so far?

Ugh oh Red Sox, Dan Duquette is coming back for revenge…

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