Canucks are a JOKE

I know the Canucks won, but honestly, you have to feel bad for them. Vancouver is just so pathetic. Looking back to last year, I don’t think there was one team in the NHL that wanted the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. The only city that did, Vancouver, showed how well they could hold it together after losing as they tore their own city to shreds.

You would think after that the team would want to show they’ve grown as they come back into Boston to face the team that stole the Cup from them, but nope. First, Luongo “handed over” the game to Schneider for sentimental reasons. Yeah right, because when it comes to intense and bitter rivalries, hockey players are always sentimental. I’m calling the bluff, along with everyone else. Robby was scared and wimped out of playing in Boston. Moving along to the game, how did the fact that Thornton got jumped by six Canucks not get discussed more? Granted he egged one of them on, all six proceeded to clobber him. Then after jumping to his defense, we end up on the bad end of a 5 on 3 power play. Ridiculous, but expected out of a team like Vancouver. Then to top it off, Thornton called out Weise after the two exchanged words in the box, and Weise completely backed down like a coward, without hesitation. Speaking to a Canadian reporter he stated, “But at the end of the day, that’s not really the type of guy I want to fight.” That’s the only thing I’ll give Weise credit for, knowing Thornton would have pounded his face in, deservingly so. But to sum it all up, the Canucks just proved how much of a joke they are and how clearly the better, more deserving team won the game that mattered in June, not in January.

3 thoughts on “Canucks are a JOKE

  1. I’ll be the first one to say I didn’t agree with the hit. Not because it was a cheap shot though. The Canucks proved they deserve anything they got coming so I could care less about that. I mean the proof is here: Anyways, I was not happy Marchand did that because it gave the Canucks momentum. All of thier goals came on the power play, two of them during the 5 minute major that resulted in Marchand’s hit. Any other team I’d feel bad for the cheap shot, but the Canucks are a talented but grimy and gutless group of losers.

  2. It was a dumb hit, potentially cost us the game, and hurt the team in the long run as Marchad is suspended for 5 games. With all the previous evidence, regardless of how you look at this hit, the Canucks are still a completely JOKE.

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