Sox sign Cook, Larkin Gets Hall Pass

Late last night, the Red Sox inked a minor league deal with Aaron Cook. Most readers are probably saying, “Who the F**k?”, which I can definately understand. Aaron Cook has been a member of the Colorado Rockies rotation for the last 9 years. Yeah, Cook played pretty solid in 2008 (3.98 ERA, 16-9 record), but the guy has battled injuries ever since and it seems as if his time is up.

Signings like this are what gets me most mad about the Red Sox. It seems every year we decide to buy 3 to 4 shit-bum, washed up pitchers to minor league deals and hope that one will pan out and help the major league roster (Rich Hill, Erik Bedard, Kevin Millwood, Boof Bonser, etc.). I don’t understand why we can’t just commit to our farm system with the end of the rotation pitchers, instead of signing these has-been veterans as a temporary fix.

In other MLB news, 1995 NL MVP Barry Larkin was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. First off, I’d like to state that Barry Larkin was a clear cut choice for every one of my Backyard Baseball 2001 squads. Guy could play second, shortstop, or third in the game and was fast, a good fielder, and was a solid batter. Even though Derek Jeter might have been a better choice, I could never bring myself to putting him on my virtual squad back in the day. The only other thing worth talking about in regards to the Hall election is that it again looks like the voters are very against the steroids era. Larkin was the only one elected and Mark McGwire and former  Viagra spokesman Rafael

Palmerio each received less than 20% of the vote (you need 75% in order to be elected). Should be very interesting to see how the voters treat Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds next year in their first year of eligibility for the Hall of Fame.


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