Surprise! Another Sh*t Signing For Red Sox

In other news over the weekend, the Red Sox signed John Maine. Pretty upset I even have to write this article. It’s more or less the same as this blog or this blog, but even more frustrating. John Maine hasn’t even pitched in the majors since May 2010.

Even though they only signed him to a minor league contract, its another move from the organization I don’t agree with. I may just be frustrated with this move because I always thought this guy could “break out” for my fantasy baseball team and just never broke out. Year after year and waiver wire pickup after waiver wire pickup he would let me down.  He was a decent pitcher for a couple years, but that was back in ’06 and ’07. He’s been plagued by injuries throughout his career and has had his most troubles since shoulder surgery in 2010.

Maine had a stellar 7.43 ERA in the minors last year until he quit the team in June, saying he might retire. Stay hot Ben Cherington, yet another supergood transaction.

This article can be summed up pretty easily: John Maine is not the solution for the Red Sox pitching problems. They really need to stop wasting time trying to bring in guys like John Maine and make a serious attempt at fixing their rotation.

5 thoughts on “Surprise! Another Sh*t Signing For Red Sox

  1. How can you be mad at a signing like this. Minimum salary commitments, minor league contract, no risk at all. Worst case scenario, this doesn’t work out and you bury this guy in the minors or put him on waivers and lose 400k in salary. If he develops some control and works on his off-speed stuff, its a great signing. Guy has shown potential in the past, could even be a bullpen guy. As a boston fan, if you have realized anything it should be that the big-name free agent pitchers aren’t the best route to go (Dice-k, Lackey, Beckett- every other year is bad). This is a solid way to try to build the pitching staff. Go after a few lockdown guys, and fill out the rest of the staff with low-risk and high-upside guys like Maine. Don’t let fantasy baseball skew your opinion of a relatively low cost gamble.

    • I am glad soenome finally spoke out about the Red Sox and NY craziness…You are totally right, Red Sox suck, Yankees suck…ANGELS RULE!! BWWAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Sigh, Yes Senor Ruiz, I am a crazy baseball fan that takes it too far at times…I am sorry, but I love it! I cant help it…

  2. Look at the Red Sox last three moves for starting pitchers Ulms. History tells us Vincente Padilla, Aaron Cook, and John Maine won’t be very much help this season. I am mad at the signing like this because the Red Sox are wasting their time. I understand hes a low risk signing with the crapshoot possibility he is a productive relief pitcher for us, but its John Maine- the dude got lit up in Triple A last year and quit on his team. Look at this quote from “There were other teams that were interested, but the Red Sox were out front,” agent Rex Gary told the newspaper “They flew down to meet him and flew him up to Boston to work out. There was a real level of interest.”

    Cleary our organization is taking time out to sign guys like Maine instead of younger prospects that have a chance to grow in our farm system. I would much rather see those contracts spent on guys in the beginning of their career, not an injury riddled end.

    • As a Sox fan in Philly, it’s time for you to root for the hewotomn team. Your motivations are local pride and Revenge against the team that took your Sox out of the season.

  3. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with it.The Phils would have had an eesair time with the Sox. Their starting staff is in disarray (was) and they don’t run as well as Tampa. The key would have been getting to the ninth inning with a lead.Tampa’s starting pitching is more consistent and they’re faster and their hitters are as good as the Phils.So, let the dust collect on that Red Sox cap.Just so you know, they’re coming back to the ballpark next year for 3 games.

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