Weekend College Round Up

Previously unbeaten Xavier lost their first game Sunday against Oral RobertsWait, What? Oh yeah, 3 of their best players are suspended because of their brawl against Cincinnati last week (in case you somehow missed it) so they lost against a team with “Oral” in their name…  Since these 3 didn’t play, I don’t see Xavier dropping far below their previous rank of #9, just as Ohio State remained near the top even though they lost a game last week when they didn’t have Sullinger, who got hurt again on Saturday.  In my opinion he is the most dominant player in college right now, when he is healthy that is.  I hope they drop below UConn who should climb a little bit higher with another win on Sunday.

On Saturday night, Syracuse almost felt the curse of the #1 but somehow held on against North Carolina State, which would have been a huge upset once again.   #19 Illinois lost but I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay in the top 25 since it is their first loss, even though they have not played anyone that tough.  #21 Alabama and #25 Vanderbilt both lost, which will most likely move both of them out of the top 25 come Monday morning.  Every other team that played and should have won, did win.  Unfortunately, that includes the Tar Heels.

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