Complicating Finish

This is clearly old news by now but an article of this magnitude deserves a lot of careful thinking rather than just my normal routine of writing down the first thing on my mind. Former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno has passed away due to complications from lung cancer (AKA Jerry Sandusky inadvertantly murdering him after touching children (allegedly, but totally happened)) Joe Pa lived just over 85 years and coached a 46 seasons for a total of 409 victories. He now holds the record for most wins by a BCS coach when he won his 409th game on October 29, 2011. So at least he finished on top. Sort of. Unfortunately, he will forever be linked with the scandal that we are all sick of hearing about.

20120123-134956.jpgI believe that he should be remembered as one of the greatest coaches of all time and the face of NCAA football for years to come. Keep in mind, he didn’t molest anyone, he was just protecting a friend that he believed was innocent. If someone told me that my best friend touched a little boy without any evidence, I don’t know that I would report him either. I do not agree that he should have kept it a secret, but to blame him completely for this is just absurd.

Years from now, no one is going to remember that Sandusky douche. They are going to remember Joe Paterno, the winningest coach of all time, as a man who is linked with the molestation of a child. This is certainly not fair. Obviously I have my opinion and you will have yours, but I am just curious where everyone stands on the subject. If you just select the latter answer because of the media and negative connotations towards him, just forget it. I would like to see how many people believe that he was really a bad person or not.


Sandusky Update (Does anyone care?)

I know it is getting old but there’s not much going on yet today.  It turns out that all 8 people who accused former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky are going to testify.  So much for his theory about it being a hoax.  Unless all 8 people came up with the same idea and same exact story this guy is pretty screwed.  If he really thinks what he did is okay then he should go to hell anyways.  Now that they will be under oath his lawyer will have his shot at poking holes in their stories.  Be prepared for this to be the only thing on ESPN during that trial, so you may want to get your sports news here (@BostonSB) because I will be staying away from that one. Hopefully there is a good game or something on that day that will be more interesting than listening to an old man talk about his “precious moments” with little boys.  Come to think of it, WNBA games seem more interesting, and that’s saying a lot.

Boeheim Safe

Head Coach Jim Boeheim will remain Syracuse’s basketball coach for the forseeable future according to schools chancellor Nancy Cantor.  It is great that he is not following in the footsteps of Joe Paterno and although he does not believe the allegations, he understands why they had to fire Coach Fine.  In Syracuse’s win vs. Stanford Friday night, the team left Bernie Fine’s seat vacant and each tapped it every time that they came off of the court. So whether the allegations were true or not still remains to be seen, but according to his crazy sounding wife, they seem pretty true.  Anyways, Coach Boeheim was praised for how he handled the situation with this quote:

“What is most important is that this matter be fully investigated and that anyone with information be supported to come forward so that the truth can be found”

It is nice to see a man accept what is happening and believe in the process rather than just sticking with his friend of so many years.  Hopefully it all works out and we find out that he didn’t fiddle with those ball boys.

Syracuse Not “Fine”

Syracuse associate head coach, 65 year old Bernie Fine, was fired late Sunday night in the midst of child molestation accusations against him. In his 36th season (a long ass time for an assistant coach to stay without leaving to be a head coach somewhere else), Fine is being accused by two former ball boys. I think he took their title as Ball Boys a bit too literal. In fact one of the guys who accused him is actually being accused of molesting a 14 year old boy…Probably just displacing the blame. However, I can understand why they had to let him go due to the big news of the Penn State scandal. I am also willing to bet that other assistant coaches around the country are going to get accused as well. Gotta love sports…

UPDATE: So it turns out Fine’s wife said that all of this was true over a phone conversation so ignore everything I said about how it might be fake. Lock him up!

‘Cuse Me?

Well, looks like dominoes are dropping as allegations have arisen about Syracuse assistant men’s basketball coach, Bernie Fine. In case you missed SportsCenter the last few days, Bernie has been accused of molesting two ball boys (not funny) over a 16 month period. Now, I don’t really want to touch on the specifics of the incident, I’d rather talk about the way Syracuse is handling this situation – the exact way that Penn State should have. This is not to the degree of Penn State, but you still have one of the highest profile programs, with one of the most legendary college coaches of all time in the hot seat.

Syracuse and the police have agreed to investigate the matter (which has been investigated prior to this incident in ‘05), and has done the right thing by releasing a statement saying, “There should never be a rush to judgment when someone’s personal integrity and career are on the line.”

Now, what I find best about this is the direct action the university is taking, not just from administration, but from Beiheim himself. On ESPN, Beiheim said that it is a “bunch of a thousand lies …You don’t think it is a little funny that his cousin (relative) is coming forward? He supplied four names to the university that would corroborate his story. None of them did … there is only one side to this story. He is lying.”

Honestly, Beheim is a flat out G. This guy came out, defended his assistant head coach with facts and with fury, and took a stance. Something that Joe Pa failed to do.

Now, if real evidence surfaces, not only do I look like a dumbass, but we may have lost two of the most legendary coaches in collegiate history in a month span. I guess that would be payback for ‘Cuse leaving the big east.

Is there anything else to write about?

I know that everyone is getting sick of the NBA lockout and Penn St. scandal stories, but let’s face it, the rest of the sports world is pretty boring right now unless someone gets shot or something (praying for a Yankee or Jet player).  News surfaced yesterday that they have no police record from assistant coach Mike Mcqueary about the alleged assaults on a 10 year old boy.  However, it is rumored that the university officers knew of this and also might have ignored it to an extent.  The whole situation is becoming more annoying and more confusing with every new piece of evidence introduced.  Maybe they should burn down the school and start from scratch? As long as they kill Sandusky first.  I see this as the only viable option to be able to push this out of the news.

On a side note: #9 Pittsburg loses to Long Beach State which is downright hilarious.. that would be like the Red Sox losing to the Orioles (Sorry Nons).  How about we make the NCAA the new NBA seeing as the players don’t all care about making an extra million dollars and owners don’t exist.

Penn St. Update

Should Jo Pa have been fired? While at breakfast, two of my friends say yes, the other two of us say no.  Sandusky claims that Joe Paterno had never came to him directly to tell him to stop touching little boys (because for some reason he couldn’t figure this one out on his own).  How can you believe anything Sandusky says after a quote like this:

“I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact.”

He then goes on to say “I shouldn’t have showered with those kids.” Probably should have thought about that while you were in the locker room buddy.  I could write down all of the things that I think should happen to him, if not for the fact that he would enjoy the majority of them.

Anyways, I think that anyone with multiple decades of service to a University should have the chance to explain their side of the story, especially when nothing has happened to the Board Of Directors (the same board that Paterno brought this news to all those years ago). They are just as guilty as him, if not more so. What do you guys think?