Sandusky Update (Does anyone care?)

I know it is getting old but there’s not much going on yet today.  It turns out that all 8 people who accused former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky are going to testify.  So much for his theory about it being a hoax.  Unless all 8 people came up with the same idea and same exact story this guy is pretty screwed.  If he really thinks what he did is okay then he should go to hell anyways.  Now that they will be under oath his lawyer will have his shot at poking holes in their stories.  Be prepared for this to be the only thing on ESPN during that trial, so you may want to get your sports news here (@BostonSB) because I will be staying away from that one. Hopefully there is a good game or something on that day that will be more interesting than listening to an old man talk about his “precious moments” with little boys.  Come to think of it, WNBA games seem more interesting, and that’s saying a lot.

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