Another New Big 3?

According to sources, there is a good chance that Dwight Howard and Chris Paul could be wearing Purple and Yellow this season. Yes, both of them. This story popped up on my news feed at like 2AM last night and I couldn’t believe it. I was sold on CP3 heading to NY to join Amarie and Melo seeing how that’s the only thing he’s been saying. I also think that it would be ridiculous to match those three guys up. But if Dwight and Paul head over to the Lakers, the whole league is in trouble. I know everybody is against Kobe, but we have seen what he can do with a quality big man. Sprinkle Paul (who would be better Derek Fisher) into the mix and you can pretty much say that LA has the West on lockdown. Now, the Lakers would definitely have to dish out Odom, Bynum and Gasol in a deal like this, but I think the return would be incredible. Then again, we have seen how Mike Brown coaches superstars, and no Phil Jackson on the sideline could create some trouble. Nonetheless, the defensive player of the year paired with one of the most dynamic point guards in the league and one of the most clutch players of time? Uh oh…

4 thoughts on “Another New Big 3?

  1. Chris Paul is the best point guard in the nba (yes better than d. rose because he is a better facilitator)
    Dwight Howard is the best center in the nba.
    Kobe Bryant is the best (or second best) shooting guard in the nba.

    This is bigger than the “Big 3” in Miami. This includes the best point man in the game to run the team, the best pure scorer in the game, and the best defender/rebounder in the game… all on the same team.

    The problem with this is salary cap limitations. Don’t foresee the Lakers being able to fit these three huge pieces together with any semblance of a solid supporting cast….

  2. Sounds like mark cubans gunna shut down another all star team.. Fuck the lakers and the heat fuck all this collaberations between star players about joining teams together to win a ring… Do it the right way by hard work and building TEAM chemistry not all this bullshit whining about I wanna go here and I want this dude to come with me..suck a chode this is basically cheating.. Given that the heat and the lakers ,if this deal goes through, will no doubt win a championship at some point I hope it takes a long ass time..

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