Boeheim Safe

Head Coach Jim Boeheim will remain Syracuse’s basketball coach for the forseeable future according to schools chancellor Nancy Cantor.  It is great that he is not following in the footsteps of Joe Paterno and although he does not believe the allegations, he understands why they had to fire Coach Fine.  In Syracuse’s win vs. Stanford Friday night, the team left Bernie Fine’s seat vacant and each tapped it every time that they came off of the court. So whether the allegations were true or not still remains to be seen, but according to his crazy sounding wife, they seem pretty true.  Anyways, Coach Boeheim was praised for how he handled the situation with this quote:

“What is most important is that this matter be fully investigated and that anyone with information be supported to come forward so that the truth can be found”

It is nice to see a man accept what is happening and believe in the process rather than just sticking with his friend of so many years.  Hopefully it all works out and we find out that he didn’t fiddle with those ball boys.

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