Syracuse Not “Fine”

Syracuse associate head coach, 65 year old Bernie Fine, was fired late Sunday night in the midst of child molestation accusations against him. In his 36th season (a long ass time for an assistant coach to stay without leaving to be a head coach somewhere else), Fine is being accused by two former ball boys. I think he took their title as Ball Boys a bit too literal. In fact one of the guys who accused him is actually being accused of molesting a 14 year old boy…Probably just displacing the blame. However, I can understand why they had to let him go due to the big news of the Penn State scandal. I am also willing to bet that other assistant coaches around the country are going to get accused as well. Gotta love sports…

UPDATE: So it turns out Fine’s wife said that all of this was true over a phone conversation so ignore everything I said about how it might be fake. Lock him up!

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