Is there anything else to write about?

I know that everyone is getting sick of the NBA lockout and Penn St. scandal stories, but let’s face it, the rest of the sports world is pretty boring right now unless someone gets shot or something (praying for a Yankee or Jet player).  News surfaced yesterday that they have no police record from assistant coach Mike Mcqueary about the alleged assaults on a 10 year old boy.  However, it is rumored that the university officers knew of this and also might have ignored it to an extent.  The whole situation is becoming more annoying and more confusing with every new piece of evidence introduced.  Maybe they should burn down the school and start from scratch? As long as they kill Sandusky first.  I see this as the only viable option to be able to push this out of the news.

On a side note: #9 Pittsburg loses to Long Beach State which is downright hilarious.. that would be like the Red Sox losing to the Orioles (Sorry Nons).  How about we make the NCAA the new NBA seeing as the players don’t all care about making an extra million dollars and owners don’t exist.

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