C’s Talking Trade

For most, they probably did not even hear about the possible cross-country change because the Bruins were busy evening up the series last night. Anyways, here’s the jist of it. The Clippers of Los Angeles want Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett. They want to do so by making a trade with Deandre Jordan and some other compensation. Jordan is a solid center and a lot of fun to watch, but the Celts want more. They want backup Guard Eric Bledsoe. However, The Clips want to use Bledsoe (and reportedly, Blake Griffin) to convince the Lakers, who share the same building with them, to sign-and-trade Dwight Howard to them. The Clippers-Celtics talk has fizzled a little bit since yesterday, and could be completely blown up if nothing happens by Tuesday or Wednesday.

A few opinions:

  • Doc Rivers has most of the power here. My guess is that he has not agreed to come back yet because he wants to make sure that Ainge wants to bring back KG and Pierce. He has one last chip to hold on to. He doesn’t want to rebuild yet.
  • The Clippers will not change their opinion on Bledsoe, they would rather use him to lure Howard in, not a coach.
  • The Lakers are not scared to do a sign-and-trade, even if it is to their counterparts, the Clippers. It’s better than getting nothing for them. The only way Howard will do this is if good friend, Chris Paul, agrees to stay in LA.
  • If the deal isn’t worked out, the only way we keep Rivers, is to keep all three. They believe in loyalty and want to stay loyal to each other.
  • The Clips will see that trading two solid players (or trade chips) for a coach is not worth it.
  • Pierce should retire a Celtic, and Garnett should too. Even if Pierce leaves, we should at least sign him for a day after and let him retire in the Green and White, and retire his jersey ASAP.

Changing Names

Reports say that the New Orleans Hornets will soon be known as the Pelicans. Yeah, you heard it right, they are going from a semi-intimidating name, to the least intimidating name in all of sports. No one is going to want to play here, and no one will want to buy their gear. They are also looking into changing colors to red, gold, and navy blue.


On a related note, Michael Jordan said he would entertain the idea of returning the Hornets name to Charlotte, since it was very popular back in the day. Many people today still wear the old teal and purple Hornets gear. This could be a big brand change for the Bobcats in a big way.

Celtics vs. Bobcats Preview

The Celts (13-10) take on the Bobcats (3-21) tonight at the Garden.  Completely turning it around this season, the Celtics are 8-2 in their last 10 games and are currently riding a 4 game win streak.  Charlotte, on the other hand, have lost 11 straight. At this point, 48 year old majority owner Michael Jordan should consider putting himself into the lineup.

Paul Pierce is averaging 18.6 points per game after an extremely slow start for him (plus an injury).  He is now only 9 points behind Larry Bird for the Celtics all-time scoring leaders.
1. John Havlicek      26,395
2. Larry Bird              21,791
3. Paul Pierce          21,410

The Celtics are now #11 in the power rankings, 5 spots better than last week.  They are 2nd in points allowed per game with 86.7 ppg (the 76ers are the only team better with 86.5 ppg).  However, we are only averaging 90.7 points per game.