March Sadness

Pretty much sums up where I’m at right about now with the whole March Madness thing. By the looks of it, Chris is in the same boat. Oh well, Happy Friday!


Throwback Thursday

This week in sports history…

1822 – The city of Boston, MA was incorporated.

1983 – Northampton, MA – The first women’s collegiate basketball game was played at Smith College.

1904 – A patent was issued for a “baseball catcher”.

1934 – The first Masters Golf Championship began in Augusta, GA.

1953 – The Boston Celtics beat Syracuse Nationals (111-105) in four overtimes to eliminate them from the Eastern Division Semifinals.

Big East Conference Bubble Watch

South Florida:

With the Big East Tournament beginning yesterday, there are still a few big east teams that are on the NCAA Tournament bubble.  South Florida finished the season with a Big East record of 12-6 and an overall record of 19-12.  The Bulls have many things working in their favor as they enter the Big East Tournament.  Their strength of schedule is 29th in the NCAA and their current RPI is 44.  Their home loss to West Virginia on Saturday may prove to be a big one being it was their 9th loss to an RPI top 50 school.  With their 1-9 record against the RPI top 50 this season the Bulls will most likely need a somewhat deep run in the Big East Tournament to prove to the selection committee that they are worthy of an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament.  After VCU’s potential bid steal Monday night in the CAA Championship, Joe Lunardi has the Bulls ranked as one of the thirteen teams fighting for 24 bubble spots on his S-Curve of potential tournament teams.  This ranking could change barring an early exit from the Big East Tournament or other stolen bids from mid major schools.

Seton Hall:

The Pirates of Seton Hall are another Big East team that will most likely have their fate decided by the selection committee on Selection Sunday.  Seton Hall finished the season with an 8-10 record in the Big East and a 19-11 record overall.  Coming off of their big overtime win against Georgetown, with a record of 19-9 and two sub five hundred opponents in Rutgers and DePaul left on the schedule, the Pirates looked to be a lock for an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament.  However, after losing to Rutgers 77-72 in overtime and getting manhandled by DePaul 86-58, they find themselves back in the bubble talk.  With an RPI of 56 and strength of schedule of 58 the Pirates will most likely need to wins a couple games in the Big East Tournament. However, big conference wins against Connecticut, West Virginia, and Georgetown will certainly help their chances of making the tournament.  Currently, Joe Lunardi has Seton Hall as one of his last four teams into the field who will play March 13 and 14 in the opening rounds in Dayton, Ohio.  The Pirates took a step in the right direction with their convincing 79-47 win over Providence in the first round of the Big East Tournament last night.


The third major bubble team from the Big East Conference is the Connecticut Huskies. The Huskies started the year ranked number 4 in the nation and with the talent that they possess on both sides of the ball they have truly underperformed.  The Huskies finished with a record of 8-10 in the Big East and 18-12 overall. The Huskies have some work to do in the Big East Tournament to strengthen their resume for the selection committee.  They are on the right track with a big win against the Pittsburgh Panthers on Saturday and an easy victory over DePaul in the first round of the Big East Tournament.  Other things that strengthen UConn’s tournament chances are their RPI rank of 33 and there Strength of Schedule rank of number 1 in the country.  The Huskies will play West Virginia at noon today in the second round of the Big East Tournament, and a win in this game should pretty much lock up an at-large bid.

According to Joe Lunardi, there are currently six Big East teams that are locks to make the tournament.  These teams include Syracuse, Marquette, Georgetown, Louisville, Notre Dame, and Cincinnati.  West Virginia is not a lock in Lunardi’s mind, but he also does not feel that they are a bubble team, being ranked 39th on the S-Curve of potential tournament teams

-Guest Writer – Matt Frags

Sick of the Void?

What is the point of Spring? (Assuming that spring starts after the Super Bowl on Sunday) And for those of you that say pre-season baseball, just stop. Can’t think of anything? Exactly. After football season, there is nothing good to watch until the Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs in June. Sure, Baseball starts in April, but it’s a long season.

There have been multiple articles about how College Basketball could easily fill that void. No one pays attention to college basketball until after the Super Bowl anyways. What if their season were to start around New Years and continue throughout the spring, with March Madness turning into May Madness. Of course there will be people that hate change (just like the BCS system) but it really does make sense. All of those students will not have to leave class for a month when their teams make it all the way. The semester will be over and they can focus purely on basketball. Also, they will only have to take one semester of light workloads, rather than both fall and spring.

“I’m partial, but I think the tournament is the greatest 3½ weeks of the sporting year. I think the tournament is powerful enough that it could be pushed back.” Says Pete Gillen of CBS Sports

I agree. I was in San Diego last year during San Diego States run in the tourney (before they lost to UConn), and it was electric. My friend and I were the only ones rooting for UConn and even then, we were scared to show it at times. However, when you’re at Hooters with a bunch of guys from the Navy, it’s hard to focus on anything but the obvious (drinks, babes, and wings).

College television ratings would sky rocket because there is nothing else to watch, everyone would be able to go out to bars and watch all the games because we would be out of school, rather than using our smartphones to get up-to-date scores, and we would have something to be excited about when we’re awaiting the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup and the Celtics to die off. What do you think?

College BBall Round up

The Kentucky Wildcats remain on top of the Coaches Poll for men’s basketball after slipping by UNC on Saturday.  A last second block sealed the win as they proved that having all-stars doesn’t mean anything (See Miami Heat for details).  However, because they lost against a number 1 seed and they have the best overall line up in college basketball, they remain at #6.

Duke dropped from #4 all the way down to #5? Wait a minute, how do they only drop one spot after getting smoked by #2 Ohio State 85-63, you ask?  Because they are the Blue Devils.  No one will count them out of the top ten even if they lose the next 3 games because of their constant dominance of unranked teams.  Seeing as they don’t face another ranked team until the Tar Heels in February, you can expect to see them up here for a while.

These next 4 weeks are kind of on the dull side for most NCAA teams with Christmas tourneys and non-conference games (With the exception of Ohio State vs. #13 Kansas this Saturday).  Therefore, many teams will not be changing position unless they somehow get upset by their random opponents.  Let’s hope that UNC and Duke are some of those teams…