College BBall Round up

The Kentucky Wildcats remain on top of the Coaches Poll for men’s basketball after slipping by UNC on Saturday.  A last second block sealed the win as they proved that having all-stars doesn’t mean anything (See Miami Heat for details).  However, because they lost against a number 1 seed and they have the best overall line up in college basketball, they remain at #6.

Duke dropped from #4 all the way down to #5? Wait a minute, how do they only drop one spot after getting smoked by #2 Ohio State 85-63, you ask?  Because they are the Blue Devils.  No one will count them out of the top ten even if they lose the next 3 games because of their constant dominance of unranked teams.  Seeing as they don’t face another ranked team until the Tar Heels in February, you can expect to see them up here for a while.

These next 4 weeks are kind of on the dull side for most NCAA teams with Christmas tourneys and non-conference games (With the exception of Ohio State vs. #13 Kansas this Saturday).  Therefore, many teams will not be changing position unless they somehow get upset by their random opponents.  Let’s hope that UNC and Duke are some of those teams…

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