Another New NBA Rule

The NBA has made another new rule on top of the Anti-Flopping Rule put in place a few weeks ago. They have decided that teams take too long after team intro’s to get on the floor for the opening tip-off. The new rule states that all players have 90 seconds to get on to the floor and be ready, or will be assessed a delay of game penalty. Two of these will result in a technical foul before the game even begins.

They felt as though some people take too long, like Shaq a few seasons ago on the Suns when he would basically put on a play before the game started. The clock will countdown from 90 seconds. The Celtics have already been hit with one of these warnings in pre-season against the Knicks. This will force KG to pick up the pace a little bit on his pre-game rituals. Many players are starting to show disgust in this, saying it is pointless for the league to care that much.

What do you think?

Shaq Weighs In

It is impossible to not be compared to Shaq if you are Dwight Howard.  First off you took his nickname “Superman”, and now you’re trying to leave Orlando for a bigger market team.  Sure, Howard is the best center in a league that has seen the center position go with the wind.  Who does he really have to compete with? Jermaine O’neal, Andrew Bynum?  He has averaged 18.7 points in his career.  Shaq averaged 23.7 and most of his lows were when he was injured or like a hundred years old.  He also went against Olajuwan, Ewing, Mutombo, Robinson, & Mourning.

Howard will surely be a hall of famer, there’s no doubt about that, he is a great player.  It is scary for the Orlando Magic to have to try to start from scratch if Howard does leave.  He has given his agent permission to discuss deals with the Nets, Lakers, and the Mavs.  I can understand why the Magic’s owner said he wouldn’t want to trade his franchise player, but why not get something for him?  I know it  is tough because he will most likely not sign an extension with any sub-par team, but at the very least you can get a fill in and get some draft picks.

Even Shaq has said that it would be a ‘travesty’ to lose Dwight, and they don’t really like each other.  He thinks Orlando should try their best to entice him to stay by offering him the max contract, and bringing in players around him.  Jameer Nelson & Reddick cannot win you championships as your #2 in this league, it’s too tough now.  Plus, Orlando can offer him the biggest deal due to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  If he goes to a new team, he will not be able to make as much until his contract is re-negotiated down the road.  I wouldn’t want to play for your Oompa Loompa coach either, but at least you are they key player on a playoff-contending team, with the assets to bring in even more help.

Rivalry Night in Boston

Big day for the Celtics. Kobe is in town. What better timing for the old school rivalry to reunite than after Kobe passes Shaq in scoring for LA and just days after Pierce passes Bird in all time scoring for the C’s. It’s only fitting the two key figures in the new school rivalry make headlines just days before they go head to head for the first of two matchups the teams have together this year. Everyone’s been ripping on the C’s and how they’re old 20120209-104445.jpgand finished, but the boys in green have turned things around lately, winning their last 5 games and 9 of their last 10. Not too bad for an aging team huh? They’re sneakily only 3 games back of Philly for first in the Atlantic Division.

Kobe and the Lakers of course aren’t the same team as three years ago, but I think it’s safe to say Kobe hasn’t lost his touch. He hasn’t exactly taken the #7 pre season player ranking by ESPN too lightly, proving he’s still in a league of his own. And that’s coming from a Boston fan. Regardless, the Lakers have lost their last two and sit with a 3-9 record on the road, while an impressive 11-2 at home. The Celts have moved up to 14-10 and are 10-6 at home on the season. But let’s be real, we all know when it comes to these two teams, records don’t mean anything. They’ll be going at it like it’s the 2008 playoffs. For our sake, hopefully more like Game 6.


Top Five Moments of The Truth

After his 21 points against the Grizzlies, he finds himself only 9 points behind the Legend for 2nd place on the Celtics all-time leading scorers.  Pierce has been a Celt his entire career, through the dreaded 18 game losing streak of 2006 and leading the Celts to the 2008 championship. It’s only fitting that he’ll hopefully pass the Legend at the Garden on Tuesday before the Boston faithful.

In honor of Paul, here’s his top five moments with the Celtics.


5.) Beginning of “The Truth”

Back in 2001, the Celtics played the Lakers and Paul had one of his best games in his short career. He scored 42 points against the eventual NBA champs as Boston lost. Shaquille O’Neal pulled a reporter aside and told him

“Take this down. My name is Shaquille O’Neal, and Paul Pierce is the [expletive] truth. Quote me on that, and don’t take nothing out. I knew he could play, but I didn’t know he could play like this. Paul Pierce is the truth”

And that was the beginning of The Truth.

4.) First game back from being stabbed

Paul’s life was in danger after he was stabbed 11 times September 25, 2000 in a nightclub. His life was saved by his then teammate Tony Battie.  Luckily, paul was wearing a heavy leather jacket. This stopped the knife from hitting any key internal organs. Not only did the Truth start the first game of the season on October 31st, he played in all 82 games that year and led the team in scoring with 25.3 points per game.

3.) 21 Point 4th Quarter Comeback 2002 Playoffs

After getting ripped to shreds by Antoine Walker before the fourth quarter, which in itself is hilarious. Paul comes out and scores 19 of his 28 points in the fourth quarter and led the Celts to victory over the Nets after being down 26 at one point in the second half and 21 to start the fourth quarter. Pierce was dominant, getting to rim at will on a young Richard Jefferson. This was the biggest comeback in NBA history in the playoffs. This whole fourth quarter comeback is on YouTube and is almost a must watch for any diehard Celtics fan.

2.) Pierce and Lebron Battle in 2008 Playoffs

Hands down one of my favorite games of all time. Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals and it was Paul Pierce and Lebron James just going at it. Bucket after bucket the game went back and forth. Pierce ended up finishing up with 41 points and Lebron ended the game with 45 and the big L. Most underrated part of the game was the big shot that PJ Brown had at the end of the game to put the Celtics up by three. People forget how much Brown provided at the end of the year with the clutch shooting and the great post defense. He would be huge on the team this year.


1.) 2008 NBA Championship

In the first game of the series Paul was injured and had to be carried off the court and wheelchaired into the locker room. I remember thinking that we were done. There was no way we could stay with the Lakers if Paul was out. A few minutes later to a roaring crowd, The Truth comes back and hits two straight threes to regain the lead and help take game 1 of the series. Paul was named NBA Finals MVP after they won the series 4-2. He averaged 21.8 points, 6.3 assists, and 4.5 rebounds. He also played great defense on Kobe throughout the series and kept him under control.