Another New NBA Rule

The NBA has made another new rule on top of the Anti-Flopping Rule put in place a few weeks ago. They have decided that teams take too long after team intro’s to get on the floor for the opening tip-off. The new rule states that all players have 90 seconds to get on to the floor and be ready, or will be assessed a delay of game penalty. Two of these will result in a technical foul before the game even begins.

They felt as though some people take too long, like Shaq a few seasons ago on the Suns when he would basically put on a play before the game started. The clock will countdown from 90 seconds. The Celtics have already been hit with one of these warnings in pre-season against the Knicks. This will force KG to pick up the pace a little bit on his pre-game rituals. Many players are starting to show disgust in this, saying it is pointless for the league to care that much.

What do you think?

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