New NBA Rules

The NBA has implemented a new anti-flopping rule, stating that “Flops have no place in our game”.  Any player who flops due to little to no contact, will be subject to a warning for the first time. After that, each time that they flop they will be fined in increments of $5,000. After a fifth offense, the increments will upgrade to $30,000 per offense. And they may even suspend players after the fifth time.

Many players flop. The biggest violator is probably Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat. It’s easy to hate him. But Boston fans, remember, Glen Davis embellished every charge call while leading the league in charges taken while he was on the Celtics. I agree that there is no place for it in basketball- play like a man. My basketball coach used to make us practice taking charges and falling. That coupled with the fact that we were an all-white team, probably was the reason why we were an awful team.

Don’t expect to many calls this season, as it will be tough to prove that they are flopping without seeing evidence over the first few months. No ref will want to cause a player to pay $5,000 unless they are absolutely positive that they flopped.

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