Patriots Q&A

As I was browsing through some Patriots news on the Internet today I came across some common questions that Patriots fans were wondering. I’m sure a lot of you are asking the same questions so I’m going to give you my answers.

1. Toughest remaining game for the Patriots and what will their final record be?

This has to be the Denver game. Yes, I still see the Patriots winning this game, as I also see them beating Miami, Indy, and Buffalo all at home, and also beating the dismal Redskins in Washington D.C. The reason I see the Broncos giving the Patriots the hardest time is because of one person. Tim Tebow. His record shows he has what it takes to win. They also have a defense that keeps them in games and allows Tebow to put victories away down the stretch. Regardless, I see the Patriots at 13-3 with a first round bye.

2. The third receiver spot and its importance to the team.

I don’t see the Patriots having a set third receiver down the stretch. It looks like it will be a rotation of Ochocinco, newcomer Tiquan Underwood, and Matthew Slater might get a few shots at the deep ball. I was hoping Taylor Price would be that guy but I just haven’t seen Bellichick show confidence in him quite yet.  That being said, the third receiver spot isn’t as important to this team as most others simply because of how great their tight ends are. They line Gronkowski and Hernandez out wide all the time and it has paid off. I expect to see it continue.

3. Julian Edelman the cornerback.

Julian Edelman has done very well defensively so far. He hasn’t let the team down by getting beat for a big pass when he’s on the field. The best thing I have seen so far from Edelman is his tackling. He’s had a few great tackles defensively and has continued that on special teams. I don’t see him being a starting corner for them this year but he will get his reps.

4. Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung and the overall state of the secondary.

With Ras I. Dowling on Injured Reserve, and Leigh Bodden being cut I see Chung and McCourty as a big part of this secondary right now. Even if they are out there I don’t see this secondary holding up against a Packers or Saints passing attack, but without them I don’t see any hope unless Andre Carter can get to the QB another 4 times per game. The Pats might sit Chung and McCourty this week only because they are playing the Colts, but expect them back by week 14 as they both said they were feeling good and are ready to go

  5. Deep thoughts on the defense — is it going to be good enough in the playoffs?

The question is do I think the Patriots defense is good ENOUGH in the playoffs.  My answer is yes. The reason being, the best defense is a good offense. The Patriots offense is good enough to make up for a less than mediocre defense.


Tonight the Patriots capped off a solid weekend for Boston sports fans. The Bruins continued their much needed hot streak, and the Pat’s refused to lose their third straight to take their rightful position atop the AFC East. For the first time all season both sides of the ball came out firing, shutting up Rex Ryan and the overrated J-E-T-S. If we play out the season this way, we won’t be stopped. On a side note, it’s always good to see Eli fail miserably. Anyways, great overall Sunday of football.