C’s vs. Mav’s Preview

The C’s take on the Mavericks tonight and it should be quite a game. Not for the normal reasons though. Usually, both teams are on top of their divisions, or close to it, but not this time. So far the Mavs are 11-10 while the Celtics are 11-9. However, they have an excuse, with Dirk Nowitzki being out all season. We have had the luxury of having most guys healthy (except Rondo missing 2 and a half games), but still can’t seem to click.

gty-154249437-3_4_r560This marks the first time that Jason Terry will play against his former team where he won a championship and a sixth-man of the year award. Meanwhile, newcomer O.J. Mayo has taken over the scoring lead in Dallas, averaging 20.8 PPG. Dallas is currently riding a 3 game winning streak, where Mayo dropped 40 points against the Rockets and 23 against the Suns.

For the C’s, Pierce leads the way with 19.2 PPG while Garnett is averaging 16.0 and Rondo puts in 13.0 of his own to go along with 12.8 assists. The game is at the Garden tonight at 8:00 PM. Go Celts

Dirk Not Scared: Easy to Say When Your on the Sidelines

Apparently winning one Championship means it’s okay to slack off during the off-season and come into camp completely out of shape. That’s not true, but don’t tell Dirk Nowitzki that. I had a lot of respect for this guy until recently. He’s listed as being out the past three games with the sore knee and is expected to miss a fourth tonight. Many sources have said Dirk is simply just out of shape. For a guy that was praised so much last season for his hard work and determination he certainly isn’t living up to the hype this season.

The best thing he’s probably done all season was his play-by-play announcing from the sideline. Hmmm… the knee looked all right when he jumped out of his seat to celebrate his team’s alley-oop the other night. To top it all off; during an interview recently Dirk was quoted as saying “I haven’t seen one team in the West that I’m scared of. I really haven’t.” Really Dirk? The 15-3 Thunder doesn’t scare you? Your team is tied for sixth place in the NBA, and their star player is averaging a mere 17.5 points per game; good for 26th in the NBA. He’s also averaging 5.4 rebounds per game, which certainly isn’t going to cut it. I don’t think the Mav’s even have a chance this year to repeat. If they even want a chance though they are going to need a lot more than just Dirk’s play-by-play skills to do it.

Championship Hangover?

The 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks have started the season 0-2.  They got spanked against the Heat, until they stopped trying in the fourth quarter, and even lost against a Ty Lawson-led Denver team by 22 points.  Is it possible to have a championship hangover, even with the extra 2 months before the season started?  Will they be like the Bruins and instantly go from the worst team to the best?  I don’t think so.  They lost a couple of key components from last year’s surprise championship team.  First off, they lost Tyson Chandler to the Knicks.  He was a huge defensive presence and averaged over 10 points per game an almost 7 rebounds.  They even lost some role players such as JJ Barea and Caron Butler.  They have an aging point guard in Jason Kidd who is on his way out, and he really only has one or two people to pass to now.  What do you guys think?