D-Will Hires Own Reporters

Do you hate the Brooklyn Nets? Maybe it’s because they still smell like the Dirty Jersey, or even that they have Kris Humphries, or maybe it’s some other reason. But if you like them, you may have to re-evaluate things after this. Deron Williams has hired his own beat reporter to cover him, and only him. Yes, that’s right. Williams thinks that he does not get enough recognition or highlights. The site will be revolved all around him. He says it is only going to be 90% about him, but still, that’s crazy. Kobe tried this before but to a lesser extent.elite-daily-deron-williams-brooklyn

Do you think it is ridiculous that a player would do this? Do you think it shows how self-centered and conceited he is? I think it proves that he cares more about himself than he does his team. He doesn’t care about winning a championship, he wants money and fame. Do you agree?

C’s Recap

It wasn’t the best night in Boston last night. The Celtics lost against the Nets by 12, but it should have been a lot more. They outplayed us the entire game and we did not deserve the W. We came out flat. The one spark in the game cost us our best player. Rajon Rondo was ejected along with Humphries and Wallace after he made Humphries look like a little boy after he knocked down KG…

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