C’s Recap

It wasn’t the best night in Boston last night. The Celtics lost against the Nets by 12, but it should have been a lot more. They outplayed us the entire game and we did not deserve the W. We came out flat. The one spark in the game cost us our best player. Rajon Rondo was ejected along with Humphries and Wallace after he made Humphries look like a little boy after he knocked down KG…

KG had 16 points while grabbing 10 boards, Pierce added 14 and 9, and Bass added 16 points of his own in the losing effort. The worst part about Rondo getting ejected is that the 10+ assist streak is finished. He finishes with 37 straight games, tied with John Stockton for 2nd all-time, and will not have the chance to catch Magic Johnson just yet. There is already speculation that he may miss more games because of the brawl, which doesn’t help the 8-7 Celtics.

As a team, the C’s made only one 3-pointer, only had 14 assists (Rondo averages almost that many), and shot less that 43%. We were also out-rebounded, but that has come to be expected with this team. We didn’t have  a free throw until halfway through the second quarter, and turned over the ball 17 times.

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