Thomas Talks ‘Roids

Frank Thomas, a former 1st baseman of the Chicago White Sox during the 90’s, is very close to getting into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. There is no doubt on anyone’s mind that “The Big Hurt” will get in on the first try. In an interview with ESPN, Thomas said that times have changed:

“When I played, guys all said, ‘Let’s get to the Hall of Fame.’ Now guys are like, ‘Let’s do five years and make $150 million, and you’re set for life. Who cares?’ I think that’s the feeling among most of the guys now.”

And when you think about it, it really is true. He said he talked to some Hall of Famers and it was “eye-opening”. They are so against it, obviously, and don’t understand why someone would risk ruining their legacy with something like that. And you can tell that most people feel the same way. The leading home run hitter in history couldn’t even get in on his first try because he is linked to the ‘roids. This is all coming up because of the scandal with the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami that has linked such stars as A-Rod and downloadBraun to PEDs.

Thomas says he knows that Bonds and Clemens are Hall of Famers, but what they did at the end of their long careers is going to ruin them. He even went as far as saying Bonds could have been the greatest player of all time with 500 Homers and 500 Steals, but he chose to cheat to get his HR total to 762, and now he will pay for it.

Frank Thomas should have no problem getting in along with Braves’ greats Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine (Played for Billerica High School, and is the one good thing about that town.)  Good luck to all the non-cheaters!

HOF Ballot 2013

Starting today, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America will begin voting for MLB Hall of Famers which will be announced in early January. However, it is projected to be the most controversial ballot since Pete Rose was ruled ineligible for betting. The reason is simple: Steroids…. Continue reading

Homerun Champ Barry Bonds Sentenced

20111216-153325.jpgFormer MLB Slugger, and all time home run champ Barry Bonds received his sentencing today after being convicted of obstruction of justice back in April. Bonds received a sentence of 30 days of house arrest followed by two years of probation.

I’m sure Bonds really learned his lesson this time. It must be really tough to have to live in a mansion for thirty days. Our government spent millions of our tax-paid dollars to prosecute Bonds and the end result is a millionaire gets to continue to live his luxury lifestyle from the comfort of his own home. Americans complain every day about taxes being too high, and our country being in a depression. Meanwhile our government continues the unnecessary spending just to attempt to prove a point. Imagine if we stopped the ridiculous spending like this? I’m sure the next guy that gets called to the stand will be 100% truthful in fear of paying the consequences Bonds paid.


Brains over Braun

Due to the fact that there have been multiple hostage crises in the NBA over the last few weeks, many people have failed to notice the bomb that went off in the MLB. Ryan Braun, the most recent NL MVP, tested positive for synthetic testosterone back in October of this year. I’d like to start by saying that these allegations are being appealed and investigated, but all signs point to Braun taking some serious PEDs. What an idiot. In this day and age, each player is underneath a microscope, especially a player on a team that is in the playoffs. Why the hell would anyone even risk this? If these allegations are proven, which many sources say they will, I think that you have to strip him of the MVP title and dish it off to the next in line. Personally, I think that Matt Kemp should have gotten it off the bat, but I get that the Brewers made it to the playoffs so I’m not going to complain. After this incident, the Brewers will be in some seriously hot water. With Braun out for the first 50 games and Prince likely to be in another uniform next year, the Brew Crew has lost almost all of its offensive firepower. Regardless, Braun’s name is forever tainted by this situation and may have just cost the Brewers their future.